About Me

A child of the 70's, a teen of the 80's, exploring adulthood in the 90's, motherhood in the naughties and in the fabulous 20teens I am having more fun than ever before.

I sit here surrounded by paper of all colours, stamps, inks and toys to make the end product sparkle, because I never really grew out of my kindergarten love of cutting and pasting.

The Hubby, known as Trickey, has his estrogen free zone in the backyard, ruler of all that grows and can be welded in his zone.  Two boy cats often join him out there when the moodiness inside the brick walls overwhelms them.  Or it's sunny.

I have my own girl furbaby, a Diva Feline with few morals and fewer manners, who spends most of her life grooming and following me around waiting for me to sit still long enough for her to jump up for cuddles.  When she acknowledges the existance of the boy cats, it is with complete disdain for such lower forms of life.  While she is calming in her old age, she still has a decided preference for female company.

The joy of our lives, the centre of our universe and the one we fail dismally to hide this knowledge from is known as the Princess.  Which was Trickey's nickname for me.  Until I made a new Girl for him to adore and I lost any form of nickname or even name for about 8 years.  "Hey You" is a romantic form of address. I have convinced myself of this.
Back to the Princess.  Much more likely to be out with the boycats in the mud than grooming inside with the Diva, she is a joy, a delight and really excellent at cuddling.

The Princess is an only child, not from want of trying to provide her with a sibling, a state which she has grown to like.  As a result, to keep up her socialisation, there is a regular traffic of small people in and out of our house, usually carrying unimpressed boycats.  (I warn them away from the Evil Diva with the super sharp teeth)

I have many bad habits, most of them including chocolate.  Even if they wouldn't normally.  Procrastinating is an art form and I will display selective deafness towards anyone who tries to convince me otherwise.

I like daisies and have always wondered why something so gorgeous smells so bad.  I also wonder that about Trickey, quite often.

I like to sing, loudly and enthusiastically.  The neighbours don't like this quite so much, but they are building those nasty houses in their backyards, so I no longer really worry what they like or dislike.  Though I will take requests.

This is my 9th blog.  :-)  The first was in hand-coded html, and I remember wishing their was some easier way to do it.  (sighs contentedly)

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