Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Daughters, Phones and Boys

We had the Careers Night at school last night, where I learnt all about the newfangled matriculation style of VCE.  And VCAL.  And VET.  Complicated, but I appreciate they are trying to suit all the individuals and get them trained and into the workforce.

I now have homework to try and figure out which is best for my girl child.  Who is growing up.  *Sighs*  And maturing, learning to cope with challenges, like having a dodgy phone for example.

She kept breaking phones.  Mostly from things like young men hitting her school bag with a hockey stick and the odd choice to keep a rock in the same pocket as her second phone...

On the drive home, my teeny Princess informed me that one of the boys at her school had given her his old mobile phone four days ago.  That would be the boy whose mother kept looking at me expectantly during the Careers Night.  Probably thinking I am SOOO rude for not even acknowledging her son's gift.

So many conflicting emotions here.

A BOY is giving her presents!  SO NOT READY for her to be getting presents from boys.
However... I think it had a lot more to do with his getting a new phone, being horrified by the broken phone that only made phone calls (No texting, no games... nothing!) that my Little Miss has been using for the last year and thinking everyone should have at least a touch screen phone, even if it is his hand me down.

Yey for recycling!

How am I supposed to discipline my child and teach her that sometimes when things break, you have to cope with the brokeness?  
That a replacement is not an assumed action?
That it is important to take care of fragile electronics?
When other people step in and replace it said electronics without discussing it with me first!
Two weeks ago, we finally finished paying off her first broken phone.  Which had always been the crucial point of "After we pay off the phone, we will consider a new phone".  So, technically, the discipline term is complete and a replacement was under discussion.

The sharing boy has four sisters and as far as my Princess knows, has no interest in her other than as a friend.  Good.

I like giving people gifts!  I especially like giving them items that they need that I have and no longer need and that feeling of not wasting useful items.
On the weekend, we replaced our TV (even though it wasn't broken - we've always waited until they died before) so that we could have a wall TV which has proved better for Hubby's dodgy neck.  So we had a perfectly good TV we had no further use for and a friend who had no TV.  Phone call, drive it over, yey, TV at friend's house and everyone is happy.
Which I am thinking is what this young man was also thinking.

Do they think I can't provide for my daughter?!  Oh, the shame!  (I also noticed how shocking her sneakers were, but hopefully, that was partly because they were contrasting with her new jacket, jeans and jumper... and sneakers are on the to-do list...)

Anyway, we decided to accept it and we had a lot of fun last night setting it up and wrote a Thank You note.

I didn't mention in the note that this hand-me-down was a much fancier phone than mine...