Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thank the Universe for Kitten Pinterest

I cry.
A lot.

I try not to.
It is a good release, but when you just do it everyday, it has lost that attribute and just become a lifestyle.

When I am driving and a sad thought hits and I cry, it's hard work to get my mind back into positive thoughts and a smile on my face.  But I do it.  There is fun out there to be had.  I'm gunna get that stuff!

Sometimes, before I enter a building, I stop, take a deep breath and put my smile on.  Smiles DO make you feel better.  (so does hula hooping ALL the hoops at once)

I want to enjoy the good bits.

I want to stop being so freaking sad.

Somehow, the best I've managed is being sad and happy in the same day.


But what really annoys me is...
I've got no reason to be sad.

Yes I miss my incredibly clingy and demanding cat who fulfilled a deep seated need to be adored.
Jodie is still dead.  I still cry when I think about her.

My daughter is awesome.  A bit of a wuss when it comes to doing anything other than drawing, but awesome.

My Hubby is gorgeous, tolerant, sweet and all mine.

Nancy Cat is so amazing and adorable and has a purr that just is right.

I have Circus, which is shiny in so many ways, the wonderful people, the fun, the excuse to play with glitter and sequins.

So why am I such a watering pot?

But then I go to pinterest and type in "kitten".
And get this.

And I smile.