Wednesday, 2 April 2014

That time of year

Parent Teacher interviews yesterday.
They were awesome.
Not so much because they were telling me how amazing my child is, but because a whole bunch if issues got sorted and highlighted.

It brought up that one of her biggest issues is now anxiety, it's effect on her schoolwork and sleep.

I feel really delighted about this - sounds horrible but it means we have worked through most everything else!!

So, my head is spinning with ideas to help reduce her anxiety.

The biggest one is that she needs a cuddly cat, one to sleep with, one to be able to give love to, one that will provide comfort.  However, she has a Sara Cat, independant, briefly affectionate and prefers to be outside as much as possible.

Lady Fluffington is a darling cuddle, but she's my cat and is proving it by discreetly managing to be wherever I am.  Pandora is a delight and occasionally cuddles, but her skill is in being adorable, playful and conversational.

So... Teeny Feral Nancy is our last hope.
Torties Galore.  Love My Nancy's Ginger cheeks and white mittens.
She has the best purr when I am allowed to pat her.  She has stopped slinking from the room when my Princess or Trickey enters.  We'll see.

Without a cuddly cat, I need MORE ideas for reducing anxiety.

New Journey!

My SiDana has been gone for a year, today.  I finally planted her rose two days ago, next to out Charlie's blooming rose.  Soon, I will have to start accepting that my little ray of tabbyshine really has gone.  But... not quite there yet.

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