Saturday, 22 March 2014

...sneaks in and sits down as if she hasn't been gone for ages...

It was mentioned the other day that I don't post anymore.

Originally, I was having to much fun and doing too many exciting things to have the time it takes me to write, edit, dwell over whether or not I want to post this and then eventually update.  That's awesome!  Yey!

Then I was feeling dodgy, found out I had uterine growths, got super fast surgery from my amazing gyno, Hubby developed heart troubles and there was no time, energy or motivation to blog.  Meh.

Now I'm on hormones, facing that terror "mammogram of vice induced pain" in a week or so, Hubby is stable but they are not sure how to fix it, just maintain it while they figure out what is wrong.

My not so lil girlthing is happy.  I have to look at her twice, sometimes, just to accept that she is actually happy, not brooding or stressed or anxious.  Her new school is great, her new and old friends are great, her adorable kitten is now an anti-social Hiss Monster when inside and a happy, bouncy kitty that flomps on the ground asking for pats when outside.

My head's all fuzzy.  I cry at everything.  I try to blame this on the hormones.

Today, is SiDana Cat's (Yes, I still miss them both incredibly) 17th anniversary of the day she came home.  That tiny, spikey, adorable, clingy little bit of sunshine.

I still haven't planted her rose.  Today would be the right day to do it.

Tomorrow... is Charlie Cat's 17th anniversary of the day he came home.  Full of flu and had to be kept locked away from the Tiny Tabby girl for a week and all he wanted to do was play with this interesting bouncy thing he could hear.  Paws were under doors, meows and calls all day, SiDana was so busy getting to know Tayo, Isaac and Bilbo that she was distracted.

3 days ago was the anniversary of the day Jodie was hit by an unlicensed driver.  So many tears.  

Having said all of this...
Life's still pretty good.  I'm not depressed, though I have to strictly follow my Therapists orders, cos I could easily sink back lately.

Completely unedited post.  I promise to edit and improve the next one. ;-)