Friday, 14 June 2013

Interpretive Dance.

My focus recently has been on Interpretive Dance with apparatus.

I so enjoyed writing that.  Interpretive Dance was the byword for being slightly bizarre, out there and also, just a little bit of freedom when I was in High School.  It was the fallback comment, "If you don't finish your essay, I'll expect you to give the class a demonstration of the topic through Interpretive Dance."  

After exploring how to express Strength and Grace with my hoops, I am now exploring how to be a cloud, fluffy and dancing in the wind, wild and tempestuous through a storm and rising to combine with the sun and create a rainbow.

Circus is like playtime everyday.

With feathers and sequins.

Or having a second childhood without the midlife crisis part. 


  1. If I was a cloud I'd be a thunder cloud, going round frightening people and then getting arrested for flashing at them.

    1. Cloud costume: Now used for personality analysis!
      I went for the Diva cloud, all dressed in her silver lining and showing off, then throwing a stormy tantrum before moving on to play nice with rainbows.