Friday, 24 May 2013

Sick of me whining about my cats yet?

My cat.
My cat.
My cat, My cat, my cats.
Oh Dana cat, I want you back,
I miss you more than I feared.

Your screech when upon your paw I stood,
as you wound under my feet.
Your claws dug sharp for a balance grip,
when to my back you'd leap.

I miss your face, your trill, your you,
I miss you all the time.
I want you back, my Dana cat,
Tabby girl who was all mine.

It's like the light, once shiny bright,
is grey, is dull, is gone.
And where's my Charlie cat to comfort
me when I'm all forlorn?

My silly boy, whose vacant stare
could adore me to my toes,
as up he'd stand, leap to my arms,
and smooch with his wet nose.

This pair, my babies, my furry loves,
It sucks without you near.
I expect to see your faces as I return,
and still you both aren't here.

I'm supposed to be working through my loss,
and some days I feel I am.
Nothing feels quite right, quite good, quite fun, quite home, quite real.
I'm lost, confused, detached and

I can't have you back.  My cat. My cat.
My Cat. My Cat. My Cats.

So I have to get on with moving on. 

They were a pair, which I didn't realise until Charlie Cat died.  Isn't that bizarre?  They complemented each other so well, that together, they were the perfect cat.   
They were both mine.  So Mine.  They were adorable and wonderful and so much work and I loved them both and no other cat feels quite right when I pick them up. 
So, I've been keeping very busy, which has helped, I'm certainly not in a black depression.  However, I'm not functioning very well, my brain is so fuzzy and I probably need to go another step to getting myself back into the light. 

I have three wonderful new cats that deserve my love, a remarkable daughter, a delightful husband, an amazing community with Ruccis and The Cat Corner, and I probably need to go and stare at the sea for a while.  Reboot.  Reset. 
You know one good thing?  I didn't take those darlings for granted.  I knew exactly how wonderful my Tabby and my Tuxey were and enjoyed them and spoiled them. 

Awesome Cats.