Sunday, 19 May 2013


Tired from doing too much, tired from grief, tired of crying, tired of discovering that when you do fulfill someone's expectations of you, they simply increase those expectations.

However, one good thing has come from this (apart from all the good things that have been done lately!).

I learnt to say no and NOT FEEL GUILTY. 

Awesome sauce.

Time management, you will be a part of my life!

I am really looking forward to Tomorrow.  

Tomorrow, I am starting full on focus on this years RUCCIS Cabaret! 
Last night we had so much fun, playing with facepaints and photographs to create the look for the show and to get the advertising started.  With felines galore joining in to add to the fun.

I am going to finally plant SiDana cat's rose over her grave and let myself accept that she really is gone.   My heart has been holding on so tightly to her, my tension is so high and I must not do this to myself again. 

On a delightful note, Pandora found her Meow on Friday at the vet!  Unlike a friend's cat who found their meow this week, and then used it all day, "New toy, Mum, I'm going to play with it ALL THE TIME!!", we didn't hear it again.   Yesterday, she was all meh, recovering from her immunisation.  She didn't eat much.

Today, Lil Miss Pandora was a very hungry kitten.  She told me so!  In tiny little itsy meow's and wonders of wonders - a trill!  I so love a cat's trill!  I hope she will become more conversational as she matures.  I dreadfully miss my conversations with SiDana.  Now I have a Sara and a Pandora to share my thoughts with. 

Daisy Dora


  1. "I so love a cat's trill!"

    I've found that the novelty wears thin at around four in the morning.

    1. *grins* I've been well trained, I'm sure my insomnia is really just the Cats ensuring I am always available to do their bidding. ;-)