Wednesday, 29 May 2013

First impressions can be life changing.

Part 1:

SiDana Cat was very much a one person cat for most of her life.

I was so lucky to be that one person.
Fruitcake.  So wanted love, I so wanted
to give him love, but he could only
tolerate twenty seconds of being
touched before he went Psycho Killer
on your hands.
My first Tuxedo cat - so handsome!

The first day I met SiDana Kitten, I was trawling the Animal Rescue shelters for my very own girl kitten to love.  I wanted a silver tabby, they are so pretty.

First stop the R.S.P.C.A..  No cute girly cats, but I did meet the living reincarnation of my psychotic recently departed cat, Fruitcake.  I assured myself that I wasn't here to simply "replace" Fruity, but I did sneak in for a cuddle.  He was such an affectionate Tuxedo boy, cuddly, soft... my heart melted.  Still I left, determined to get my first girl cat.  With three boy cats and anything from two to five men living in my house, I needed some estrogen!

The pretty Tuxedo boy stayed in my mind, though.  It was nice to get that sense of satisfaction of being finally able to cuddle "Fruity", even though it wasn't poor, demented Fruitcake I was making happy.

Next stop, Animal Aid Shelter.  Lots of Tiny Tabbies, but no silver tabbies. 

Still, being somewhat cat mad, I stayed a while to watch them.  One teeny tabby, with a pointy tail and huge ears, caught my attention.  Then she ran madly to the back of the cage and dived under her blanket.  I felt that she wasn't interested in me and nearly moved onto the next cage, when her itsy little head with those extraodinary ears popped out from under the front of the blanket, checking to see if I was still watching. 

Oh!  She was playing up to me. 

My heart went all gooey and I asked if I could cuddle her.

They handed me this little fuzzy girl, that was small enough to sit on my palm.  Only she jumped off immediately, again filling me with that sense of rejection and that I was deluding myself she was interested.  I stood up, intending to ask the ladies to help me catch her and return her to her cage.  As I did, tiny, spikey sharp claws sunk into my legs, climbed all the way up to my shoulders, stopped for a moment, bit my ear and then sat on my head.  With claws deeply sunk in for balance.

Oh yes.  THIS was my girl.
Such a wuss.  Wearing a hat to protect him from Dana Spikes. ;-)
And... ZOMG the cuteness!
As the Teeny Tabby grew, she deigned to descend as far as my shoulders.  Which stayed her favourite perch for the next 16 years.

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