Sunday, 5 May 2013

Esmerelda the Goddess of Grace

Shiny Hoops!
Last Sat night,
took a little (shiny!) bit of RUCCIS out to the community on Sat night, performing a "The Goddess Within - A Community Dance and Arts Event" 

There was a brilliant and painful explanation of the miseries that women suffered that lead to them seeking trauma therapy at The Art2 Therapy Project,  which I shall not share on this blog, due to my settings for this blog.  It was very eye opening for my daughter, to realise how some children are treated.

Her emotions were engaged and she was quite angry at the treatment they had to live with.  Princess has always known she is well treated, she just hadn't understood what "badly treated" meant.  For this alone, the night was well worth it.

And I got to create a whole new act!  With Shiny Hoops! 


  1. I enjoyed that. (Even the bit where you fluffed up slightly, but it was barely noticeable honest.)

    1. *giggles* Honest. ;-p
      My aim, going into this "out of my comfort zone" performance was to NOT LOSE HOOPS INTO THE AUDIENCE! Cos those things hurt when they come hurtling at you.
      Therefore: Complete and utter success! ;-)

  2. Congradulations! You won the Mrs. Cranky shopping list contest. If you would like your prize, a PDF file copy of "I Used TO Be Stupid" fwd your email address to


    1. Oooh! It was guessing the elm tree correctly, wasn't it?! ;-)