Monday, 1 April 2013

The story of Pandora

I love ancient Greek, Roman and Celtic Mythology.

I love the temperamental Gods and Godesses, the mythological beasts of terror and amazement.

One of my favourite stories has long been about Pandora.  Much like "The Red Shoes", the story of giving into temptation and it's astoundingly tragic consequences That Could Not Be Fixed only ameliorated and managed is something I have struggled with in my own life.  The lesson I found so challenging.

The story of Iseult and Tristan had another lesson for me.  To let things run their own course.  That constantly trying to be in control only leads to tension, anxiety and constant brain agony as I think, think, think of what I can possibly do to fix this situation or make it follow the path I want it to.  Sometimes interference, no matter how well intended, causes a situation to follow an unexpectedly twisted path. 

One far more trivial aspect of reading these stories over and over as a child, was a love for names, a love for the history of names, a love that burned because my own name wasn't the one that fitted me.

I fixed that.

The interference of changing my name did cause much family angst, who apparently think my old name suited me quite well and they liked it.  Dad understood my feelings but gently pointed out that he will never remember to call me by my new name, which is okay.  Mum (who chose my name) keeps reminding me that I can change it back.  My Sister refuses to acknowledge that I committed this heinous crime.

Thus, I think very hard before I name a new family member.  My first very own cat, a fluffy Tabby boy was named Delius, after the composer and the Kate Bush song about him.  I felt the music sounded like paws padding gaily about the house.

Did you want to shut the door, Mum?  Well, I'm sunbathing and the sun is just right here in the doorway, so I'm not moving.

My next Kitten, a tiny Tabby girl, had the softest, silkiest fur I had ever felt.  Patting her is a luxery that fortunately, she enjoys too.  I was reading Katherine Kerr and Traci Harding at the time, and a Celtic/Welsh term for silk was Sidan.  Thus, Sidana was named.
OMG the cuteness!

The Man thing, he names cats Barry and Isaac and Charlie.  Is all good.

My Princess aptly named her kitten Sara, which means Princess.  I love the name Sara and love singing it out to our new Tortie girl as I try to convince her to come out from under the patio for cuddles.

So we always name our own cats.
Which created some confusion, when we decided to get Sara Kitten a Kitten!  Squeeeee!
See this gorgeous Sara Kitten picture below?  SiDana was sleeping on the other side of the azalea, Sara plotting her pounce.  I may be a total spoilt sport, cos Dana is MY baby girl-cat and she doesn't like being pounced upon, so I patted her, woke up Her Royal Deafness and alerted her to possible Tortie mischief.
Sara has gained the nickname Violet, not because she plays amongst them, but because her fur colouring reminds Trickey of a Violet Crumble (honeycomb and chocolate).

A few days later, Trickey and I sat in the backyward, watching Sara play Skittles, very effectively knocking over Isaac Cat, five times in a row.  I snuggled into He Who Rules The Family and played the "Insist card". 
"Trickey, I think Sara needs a friend and these two geriatrics might live for years more*.  Tomorrow, I am going to get her a friend."
He agreed.  Isaac is HIS cat, after all. ;-)

*Remember when Charlie was the healthy cat and I didn't expect Izie or Dana to survive the summer??

I did not get Lady Fluffington.  I was so tempted, I wanted to, I had earlier dragged Trickey into The Cat Corner and pointed out all her good points.  He thought she was very pretty.  He also thought she would be high maintenance.  Says the man who chose Isaac the almost intolerable cat.  He adored the Black and White Kittens and the two Tiny Tabby sisters.

This next furbaby had to be one for Sara Kitten.  Someone gently playful.  Also, this next furbaby had to be one that would love Trickey, since he has not had a cat that adored and cherished him since his beautiful Barry cat, 20 years ago.

My Beautiful Lady Fluffington stayed behind.

We shall rejoice and adore the Tiny Tabby girl that will join us soon!  Together, we started the name choosing process.  Daisy, Elsie, Cindy, Lucy.  Not one name that all agreed upon.  So, randomly we picked a letter and read out many choices.  Vittoria was nearly a go, but I didn't want the nickname Tory or Vitty.  Aurora was yet again rejected.  Artemis, Athena and Venus, not quite right.  Though Venus nearly made it due to our giggling about what it rhymes with.

I liked Iris, but that is one of the evil Step-Granmother's names, and I figured my Mum wouldn't like it.  Having said that, the other Step-Grandma of evil is called Dora.  I LOVE the name Dora.  I still don't associate it with She Who Causes Misery (cos I called her Grandma for so long).  I associate it with Isadora Duncan, Theadora from Georgette Heyer novels, Emphadora from a book I read as a child.  And Pandora.  I love the name Pandora.

Apparently, so do Trickey and My Princess!

Our Soon to be Tiny Pandora!

I am so excited I can barely breathe, but for some reason I am holding it all in.

But I want to Squeeeeeeeeeee!  over her adorableness somewhere so....

She's a bit cheeky too.

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