Monday, 15 April 2013

Sarah 'Doogs' McDougall - Hula Showreel 2013

This woman is my inspiration!

Doogs is determined, strong, lives life so intensely and fully, loves chocolate and shares her enthusiasm with all around her.  When she broke her ankle, she worked harder on her handstands.  When she doesn't know any new tricks for the Lyra to teach in her Aerial (trapese, tissu, etc) class, Doogs found someone who did, learnt from them and came back to share with us.

Doogs is amazing.

And, wow, can she hula hoop!  Watch!

This lady has time for everyone.  When I was at my physical worst, I met Doogs during my chiropractic care.  Her energy and smile was uplifting and soon, I was asking her advice on health issues, trying the things she suggested (Freshly made vege juice is amazing stuff for your body!), soaking up her positivity and trying some of that in my own life.  Plus, she's just plain good fun.

Princess and I even asked her opinion on whether or not it would Ballet or trying out Karate that year, we simply couldn't decide.  Her response?  "Circus!  Princess would love the circus classes at RUCCIS."

Now, Sarah "Doogs" McDougall is a NICA qualified circus performer, excelling on single point trapeze, including the only chain based trapeze I have ever seen (and played on!) and an amazing Hooper! 

She performs with a travelling circus troupe called Almost Exactly Circus whom had us laughing so hard Princess's friend said her face hurt but she didn't want to stop laughing anyway.

With people like this in your life, fun will happen and attitudes improve!  Plus, being mesmerised by those Shiny Hoops!  And point your toes!

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