Friday, 5 April 2013

L Plater

Sadness still pervades my soul.  Thankfully, all those years of counselling, living through loss and grief have helped me to learn that even in your sadness, take those moments of happiness in each day and revel in them.  The person or cat you have lost doesn't want you to be sad, sunk in misery and loss, denying the shininess that is available to you.

Never feel guilty for feeling happy while sad things in your life are happening.

Yesterday, I volunteered to watch The Cat Corner for an hour, so several cats who had found homes could be taken to the vet for desexing.  If I (or someone else) hadn't been available, then the store would simply have had to be closed for an hour, which is never good for a business or a charity.

So I popped in, revved up the vacuum cleaner and expected to spend the hour cleaning.

Two families came in looking for cats and kittens to adopt.

I copied what I had seen Kerri do, asking about their family, what they wanted in a cat and introduced them to the cats and kittens I thought most appropriate.

Fortunately, one of the ladies had been in earlier that week and when she asked to hold Cooper, she also asked for the hand sanitiser!  Which I hadn't even thought about!  I am such an L Plater at this. 

What made this day so special, other than the fun of talking to people who also love cats, and one family who had lost their cat the same day I lost my beloved, adored, precious SiDana, was that I got to be part of a family chosing their new furbaby to love.  This little fella now has a home and he is going to be worshipped by them, even as he destroys their curtains and jumps up on the dinner table to join in the evening meal.

Sure, he looks peaceful right now....

I felt that this must be the joy a midwife feels.  Not of creating your own new person to love, but assisting someone else to find their own new furperson to love.

It was good.

It was healing.

That kitten was really wriggly and ever so hard to get in and out of the cage.

GO forth and find many happy moments!  And tell me about them! 


  1. What a lovely way to spend some time. Hope you are twirling your hoops happily and all is well with you and yours. We have been cat magnets to stray cats for some reason. I think they get dumped on our side of the creek when it's running. 2 have been neutered by previous owner and 2 from same parents. blue russians.
    Letterboxing, phoning etc could not find owners. so we kept the first one who is just a male tabby but a great ratter. The darling little russian blue died after a paralysis tick got him and the stupid vet here didn't treat him. The last one, russian again now has loving responsible owners and gives out lots of love too. Let's hope that's the last one! take care xo

    1. I love it when cats adopt you. :-)