Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wanna see me be Esmerelda Hoopla?

Knox Fest was FUN!  Do you wanna see?  Do you wanna see me do my very own solo Circus act? 

Saturday was a mad, full on day, of never stoppingness, arriving a little late after deciding I couldn't face the day with no shade, so I ducked into Bunnings to buy a very cheap shade gazebo, which turned out to be the only shade RUCCIS had to sit in throughout two very hot and sunny days.  That's not quite true, now I think about it, the tiny contortionists managed to get quite comfortable in the shade underneath the display table.

Pretty!  I so love our circus logo critters!
My first job was setting up the promotional table with my lovely new class flyers, which I have to show you!

So much learning about photoshop, just figuring out the little bits and pieces I needed to make these pretties.  It's been a lovely adventure.

See my friends!  Aren't they awesomeness!
I love our new logo, with it's juggling critter standing so gleefully as the letter "i"!

I adore that these exciting pictures are mostly of my friends.

So much fun, getting to play with happy, bright colours for hours on end.

I cherish that I can be involved and be part of this very physical community and never take for granted my ever increasing ability to move and be active.

I greatly appreciate the chance to wear a lot of sequins.
He he heee.

Back to the festival!

The Stilters were off to roam the festival, in their gorgeous and varied costumes, bright and happy and in some cases, taller than the marquees.

There were circus workshops for the festival attendees, warm up, stretches and costume time for us.  M and I were the very first act, redoing a happy and bright version of our Red Shoes act.

I didn't get any stage fright at all. 

Not like previous years.

Not that unholy terror that left me reminding my self to breathe and controlling my wayward limbs that just wanted to leap up and run far, far away from the audience.  Yes, you, audience you are SCARY!  Cos... Cos... you WATCH me!

Nope, I was too busy.  I was pretty confident that M and I knew our act.  And that we would cover any mistakes with a smile.

There was no fear in me at all on Saturday!

Sunday was not as good a day, as I do not take being out in the sun well and I'm not really good at having two big days in a row, either.  I like to go all out and get through the big one day, and then crash the next day, taking care of my back, my skin, my exhaustion, my tension.

There was a tiny headache...

So much water was drunk...

So much sunshine was absorbed...

I still consider it a total success, even with the debilitating headache that whooshed up from my feet and left me curled up on my suitcase in the change room, white faced and whimpering. *

Cos it didn't happen until AFTER my last performance!!! 

*My lovely friends took wonderful care of me, with our lovely admin person finally deciding to dump a bottle of water over my head.  Worked wonders.

Sooo, do you wanna see?  Cos I wanna show you! Drum roll please....

Here is, Esmerelda Hoopla performing with her rainbow sheeny hoops of shininess to the happy tones of Lesley Gore singing "Sunshine and Lollipops"

The choreography in this act is copyright to Esmerelda.  Cos I made it up all on my own.

To choreograph something was something I've wanted to achieve right from the very first act I did with RUCCIS, which was nothing to look at until the Amazing Doogs choreographed it into funniness and delight.  There was a need in me to prove that I could do that. 
So, yeah, I feel better now. *cheeky grin*