Sunday, 3 February 2013

Would you believe...

Reading through some of my favourite blogs this morning, one title really caught my attention.

A whole day's blog, dedicated to just his opinion!  Loved the concept.

So, Today is "An Eccentric's Opinion Sunday".

I have LOTS of opinions.  I usually don't share them because:
-I am lazy and can't be bothered arguing/discussing them.
-They are only half formulated and prone to change.
-They are offensive to someone, somewhere.

Agent 99 is shocked and startled by what she just heard

Here's one.

If people can't spell or use grammer properly, it really irritates me, but it doesn't mean they are bad or stupid, it means they have not been adequately educated in a way that caught their interest.  Which may have nothing to do with their teachers, but everything to do with their personal fascinations.  Mine was books.  My daughter's is drawing, my Husband's is mechanics and they are both very eloquent in expressing themselves in these media.

Right from the first day I met my husband, his grammer drove me up the wall.  His handwriting was atrocious while I took calligraphy classes.  He read maybe one book a year.  This was a shock to us both, as after the first two "honeymoon" months, where I didn't read a thing, just was with my man-thing, he suddenly discovered, upon the release of a new title in a fantasy series I loved, that I could spend entire days sitting still with my nose sniffing at the vanilla scent of a novel.

99 knew how to do her research
Hubby is one of the most intelligent people I know, he just had an interesting upbringing.  So I would constantly ignore his grammer and resist even the temptation to correct him as that could end up feeling like I was putting him down.

Then, one day, just like in a fairytale, he volunteered to be the editor of a newsletter.  Which he asked me to help him with.  To help him edit what he wrote.  Together, we worked at correcting the grammer, improving the spelling, not using the same descriptive term twice in on sentence.  It was him asking to be educated, no negativity, not me pushing something upon him.

The old insert a circus picture even if it doesn't fit the theme trick.

It was lovely.  After three years, his grammer is almost delicious, his spelling a delight, he even voluntarily has his dictionary on his iPhone set to teach him a new word each day.  His handwriting is still almost unreadable.  It is bliss.

99's blissful fantasy

I still value niceness, goodness and kindness over education.  I strongly believe we need extensive education, in schools, by people travelling, through people experiencing as many different things as possible, but without niceness, all it does is set a very clever Chaos Agent running loose in the world.

Explore the world!
As Maxwell Smart would say, "If only they''d used their education for niceness instead of evil!"

"Ve don't do dududududu here at Kaos, Schtarker"


  1. My spelling is terrible. My objection to bad grammar is when people know better, but intentionally speak incorrectly as if they wear their stupidity as a badge of honor.

    THanks for the mention.


  2. It does put my teeth on edge and makes me want to gently correct the culprit. But, who am I to criticise? What does get me now is the the use of' would of' instead of ' would have' etc. What can you expect with the very heavy workload teachers and parents have. No time for learning spelling or grammar in our wonderful dumbing down of the children curriculum. xo by the way, your posts weren't coming through the google reader so I'll go back to the old fashioned way of clicking on your bookmark!