Monday, 25 February 2013

Workin' IN MY JAMMIES, oh yeah!

Today, my work requires me to sit in front of my computer.  At home!


It's so hot today.  Aussie Summer is a torture device.

Cold showerin' IN MY JAMMIES!

And standing in front of a fan.

Coolin' off IN MY JAMMIES!

I have been making lots of work phone calls.  From Home!

Using my "Workin' the Phone" voice IN MY JAMMIES!

I so love this. ;-)

Today, Princess has stayed home from school, due to a sniffle.

I set out things she needed to do, which includes naps, cuddling kittens and homework.

She's been moving through the list beautifully and I popped in to remind her that what was left was to complete her science homework (artistic daughter doesn't find this thrilling) and to have a nice, cool salt bath.
The temperature is about 5 degrees Celcius past what England considers a heat wave. (i.e.27 Cº in UK, 32 Cº right here) and she chose to do her homework.

A bath is the closest thing you can get to a swimming pool in your own home (unless you have a swimming pool).  No comprendo mi Princesa! 

So now...

Gunna have a cool, salt bath!


:Edit:  Just got a call and we are goin' out for Mexican tonight.  Nomming goodness.

Dinin' out IN MY... well a nice pair of capri's and a chiffon top!


  1. I spent most of the weekend in my jammies. Sadly, I don't have a bathtub, but I do have a large plastic bowl that I fill with water and stand in to sponge myself down fairly often in the heat. When the temp hovers around 40C though, I wring out a bed sheet in cold water and wrap it around myself then sit in front of the fan.

    1. I like your sheet/evaporative cooling system, River. :-)

      My number one priority when house hunting was to have a bath in it. Which we then upgraded to a two person spa. Which is where I spent large portions of everyday.

  2. oh if I could work from home it would be sans pants ALL THE DAMN TIME!

    1. Yeah! And have those crystalised windows so no-one could see in! BooYAH!