Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy over commercialised romantic celebratory day!

May you not be single on this day so that you aren't made to feel a social pariah in the eyes of society!

May your mate bring your excessive amounts of <insert tacky red/white gift here> so that your neighbours and workmates know how much you are loved.

Having said all of that, on our first Valentine's Day, Trickey inserted a notice in the Herald Sun's "Valentine" section, asking me to be his. 

My sister and I used to have so much fun, reading through these Valentines each year, pretending that anyone we knew whose names matched those in the newspaper, were now dating, no matter how unlikely or surprising the "couple" might be.  Laughing in delight the year we found one that matched our parents names (which are unusual enough to be a hard to find combination). 

So that year, I laughed even harder, with a bit of a squishy happy heart, I do admit it, when I found one that didn't just have Trickey and my names in it... but was US!  Him's did good.

Good enough that in 1997, when my little Tuxedo Psychotic Kitty of Wait Around The Corner So I Can Jump Out And Savage Your Legs With My Very Sharp Claws (actually, we called him Fruitcake, but only because this descriptive name grew and became too long for everyday use) passed on on February 14th, we declared that from now on we would not celebrate Valentine's Day.  For us, it would forever be "Fruitcake's Remembrance Day". 

I know, I know, he looks exactly like Charlie cat, except for the evil eyes and the one black eyebrow whisker.   Plus, Charlie was a darling and Fruitcake... well, let's just say that even 6 years of us trying to rehabilitate this damaged soul was pretty much completely unsucessful.  Vicious cat.  Good hunter.  Sometimes you could look into his eyes and see his soul, crying out for love, longing for pats.  Which I always gave... then, after about 20 seconds, the madness would return and if you hadn't moved your hand (or face) out of range, you would be going for the antiseptic.

Our cats worry about anniversaries and special days.
Charlie passed away on my Sister's birthday.  Tayo Cat passed away on my Niece's birthday.  My Mum's beloved Maltese Terrier passed away on Trickey's birthday.  Fruitcake on Valentine's Day. 

So, I'm guessing Sidana and Isaac cat are safe until at least Easter.


  1. Replies
    1. *giggles* Point.
      But from when? When the last cat passed on? From their birth?
      And does that mean that Isaac, at 20 yrs old, is hogging some other cats 9 holidays of safety?

  2. Happy over commercialised romantic celebratory day to you too!

    I love today. Sad that your beloved pet passed away on this day of love.

    1. Take your fun whereever you can find it!

      Thank you, but I admit the timing doesn't bother me. I was pretty much over Valentine's day by then. And I still have that newspaper Valentine's wish - it will probably do me for life! ;-)