Friday, 15 February 2013

Things I have.

I have a Tortishell kitten lounging in the sunshine of her favourite window sill, the one where she can watch all the birds and wish she was allowed outside.

I have a Tabby Geriatri-cat lounging outside in the sunshine, right in view of said kitten.  Have I mentioned that (as much as I love her and she loves me) Sidana is Not a Nice Cat.

I have an unfinished costume, waiting for me, for auditions for Knox Festival.  Tomorrow.

I have a coke chilling in the freezer.

I have a Hubby who is gorgeous, capable of fixing anything I ask him nicely enough to fix who does romance in his own style.  Did I mention he built me a Tinkerbell Green FB Holden, because I asked him too?  Seriously, he doesn't need to buy me flowers ever again!

I have a Marmie who calls me to talk to me about anything and everything.  Including finances and taxes and the local Government and infrastructure.  I distract her by asking about her puppy (he's 12 but we are all in denial that he's grown up).

I have retro mint green venetian blinds.  All my childhood, I dreamed of a house with venetian blinds.  At Grandad's they were white wth tiny silver stars on them.  Something about them just made me so happy and now these soft green ones I have make me happy. 

I have the ability to construct complete sentences without hanging and waiting, trying to remember the words.  I love this.  I missed this.

I have Circus in my life!  Fun, exercise, delight, sparkle, amazing people and spinning!  So much spinning.

So many dreams I had in my childhood have been fulfilled. 
So many have been torn to pieces and scattered to the wind, chased with raindrops of salty tears. 

So I let them go, let them fly free, forgive myself for not fulfilling them and move on to the ones I can, the Things I have.

I have a lot.

I also have hands covered in kitten scratches.  And bites.  Bitey, bite, bite, bite.  Love having a baby cat in the house again!

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  1. I always dreamed of a kitchen with venetian blinds, so I eventually got some in a house we'd just built.
    Then I had to clean the buggers!
    Never again.
    Roller blinds from now on.