Tuesday, 26 February 2013

If I'm not a Mummy blogger, what am I? I am a...

I am considering changing my blog's name....

My Princess would prefer not to be blogged about anymore (teenager!) I am no longer even vaguely a mummy blogger.

I cannot consider this a cooking, diet, political or art blog.

Oh!  I know!  "Eccentricess' Amazing Circus Blog!" *Now with added cats!*

Sounds about right. :-)

"Eccentricess' Amazing Circus Blog!"

The journey of a suburban housewife as she discovers community circus, confidence and new ways to sparkle.  

Follow her thrilling adventures as she learns to:

- stand up in front of a crowd (and not run away) 
- experiment with sewing Lycra instead of organza
- and then the even BIGGER experiment, of wearing it in public (and not running away) 
- while managing her household (without running away) 
- working hard on keeping her marriage fun (no issues about running away here) 
- plus raising an adorable daughter who just doesn't fit in to the mainstream educational system (run away together to the beach!).

Rejoice with her as she discovers that the circus community is full of weird and wonderful people just like her, delight in her joy as the sharing and caring circus community helps to find ways to build up her daughter's confidence and understand how this adorable child will learn, share her agonies as she realises costume making is so very different from bridal sewing and struggles to get costumes finished on time.  And have the costumes stay in one piece.  *ahem*

A few posts ago, I mentioned that there may be photos of me from the latest circus production.  I had thought there would be a nice image or two of circusy goodness to share, thanks to the talents of our lovely photographer David Wyatt (waves hello!) who can take pictures of fast moving, sparkly performers in low light conditions and somehow come out with images that make our souls smile.

When he sent me this image, it made my soul soar with such joy.  SO many reasons!

Swinging from the Moon
I'm swinging from the Moon.

I WANT to swing from the Moon!
That looks like way fun!
Without the vacuum of space sucking my insides out and all those things that icky special effects show you in space movies.
No, I want to swing from the Moon in the mystical fairy dancing under the moonlight and dresses spun with spider silk way!

*Emotion AWESOME*
I'm hanging from a trapese! 
I love that I get to do this!

*Emotion DELIGHT*
Fairytale Esse!

*Emotion "I GOT PICKED"* *Pffft to High School Sports class*
Wow, David chose an image of ME to edit onto the moon.  WOW.  I feel honoured and photogenic and really glad I put all that effort into making pretty costume!

The three weeks of searching to find just the right Gold Lame was proved worthwhile in this one photo!

Is all good.
The world has Glitter and Sparkle and some of that is me.
Oh Yeah.

And I get to do this act again this weekend.  Yey for Knox Fest and my un-pictured but completely amazing Single point trapeze partner, J. :-)


  1. Aren't you just the most gorgeous thing way up there under the moon! That's an AWESOME pic!!

    And why do you need to categorize your blog?? It is what it is, and that's just fine!!

    1. Hi Red, and Thank you. :-D So Much Fun!

      I suppose you are spot on, there is no need to categorize... it's just I started my first blog in 2000, when she was not yet One, and it's always been about Princess or parenting. (oh and the cats!) So maybe it's as much about accepting the parental shift from "always needed" to "teenager seeking independence" as labelling my blog?

  2. LOVE the pic. You astound and amaze me.

    I suggest you call your blog eccentricess the awesome.

    Yeah, I am not a mummy blogger either but get called it all the time.

  3. Wheeeeee!

    Sounds like fun, the whole thing!!