Tuesday, 26 February 2013

If I'm not a Mummy blogger, what am I? I am a...

I am considering changing my blog's name....

My Princess would prefer not to be blogged about anymore (teenager!) I am no longer even vaguely a mummy blogger.

I cannot consider this a cooking, diet, political or art blog.

Oh!  I know!  "Eccentricess' Amazing Circus Blog!" *Now with added cats!*

Sounds about right. :-)

"Eccentricess' Amazing Circus Blog!"

The journey of a suburban housewife as she discovers community circus, confidence and new ways to sparkle.  

Follow her thrilling adventures as she learns to:

- stand up in front of a crowd (and not run away) 
- experiment with sewing Lycra instead of organza
- and then the even BIGGER experiment, of wearing it in public (and not running away) 
- while managing her household (without running away) 
- working hard on keeping her marriage fun (no issues about running away here) 
- plus raising an adorable daughter who just doesn't fit in to the mainstream educational system (run away together to the beach!).

Rejoice with her as she discovers that the circus community is full of weird and wonderful people just like her, delight in her joy as the sharing and caring circus community helps to find ways to build up her daughter's confidence and understand how this adorable child will learn, share her agonies as she realises costume making is so very different from bridal sewing and struggles to get costumes finished on time.  And have the costumes stay in one piece.  *ahem*

A few posts ago, I mentioned that there may be photos of me from the latest circus production.  I had thought there would be a nice image or two of circusy goodness to share, thanks to the talents of our lovely photographer David Wyatt (waves hello!) who can take pictures of fast moving, sparkly performers in low light conditions and somehow come out with images that make our souls smile.

When he sent me this image, it made my soul soar with such joy.  SO many reasons!

Swinging from the Moon
I'm swinging from the Moon.

I WANT to swing from the Moon!
That looks like way fun!
Without the vacuum of space sucking my insides out and all those things that icky special effects show you in space movies.
No, I want to swing from the Moon in the mystical fairy dancing under the moonlight and dresses spun with spider silk way!

*Emotion AWESOME*
I'm hanging from a trapese! 
I love that I get to do this!

*Emotion DELIGHT*
Fairytale Esse!

*Emotion "I GOT PICKED"* *Pffft to High School Sports class*
Wow, David chose an image of ME to edit onto the moon.  WOW.  I feel honoured and photogenic and really glad I put all that effort into making pretty costume!

The three weeks of searching to find just the right Gold Lame was proved worthwhile in this one photo!

Is all good.
The world has Glitter and Sparkle and some of that is me.
Oh Yeah.

And I get to do this act again this weekend.  Yey for Knox Fest and my un-pictured but completely amazing Single point trapeze partner, J. :-)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Workin' IN MY JAMMIES, oh yeah!

Today, my work requires me to sit in front of my computer.  At home!


It's so hot today.  Aussie Summer is a torture device.

Cold showerin' IN MY JAMMIES!

And standing in front of a fan.

Coolin' off IN MY JAMMIES!

I have been making lots of work phone calls.  From Home!

Using my "Workin' the Phone" voice IN MY JAMMIES!

I so love this. ;-)

Today, Princess has stayed home from school, due to a sniffle.

I set out things she needed to do, which includes naps, cuddling kittens and homework.

She's been moving through the list beautifully and I popped in to remind her that what was left was to complete her science homework (artistic daughter doesn't find this thrilling) and to have a nice, cool salt bath.
The temperature is about 5 degrees Celcius past what England considers a heat wave. (i.e.27 Cº in UK, 32 Cº right here) and she chose to do her homework.

A bath is the closest thing you can get to a swimming pool in your own home (unless you have a swimming pool).  No comprendo mi Princesa! 

So now...

Gunna have a cool, salt bath!


:Edit:  Just got a call and we are goin' out for Mexican tonight.  Nomming goodness.

Dinin' out IN MY... well a nice pair of capri's and a chiffon top!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Emtionally traumatic childhood moments.

The day my Dad, trying to be cool, picked me up from Primary school on his awesome motorbike.  VF750 of hotness.
Wearing his full leather gear.  Silver leather.  Silver leather jumpsuit.  It was the 80's. 
To top it off... I had to leave my bike at school and walk back later, lift it over the fence and ride it home anyway.

Sitting in class, about Year 10, hearing everyone sniggering behind me, knowing it would have been something to do with my group.  Feeling the oddest feeling on my leg and smelling... Oh the horror of smelling burnt leg hair, looking down and seeing Chris wriggling, commando style on the floor, back to his seat with a cigarette lighter.  I objected to shaving.  Apparently Chris objected to feminine leg hair.

Walking into my Debutante Ball, hair curled, wearing professionally applied makeup and having no one recognise me.  To the point where I hovered around the group my partner was with and listened to them wonder what it would be like to see me in a dress.  Even my partner/boyfriend didn't realise it was me for a while.  Possibly should have taken a bit more care of my personal presentation prior to year 11. (or 12...can't remember which year my Deb was)

Lending my cat costume that my Mama had so lovingly made for me, to a friend, who never returned it.  Marmie was upset and requested that I ask for it back, which I screwed up all my courage to do.  It was never returned.  I still feel bad about that.  I should have been stronger and gone over and taken it back.

Now I feel sad and icky.  Time to cuddle a Sara kitten!   (SiDana is not speaking to me after the vet's visit today...) (But at least she came home from it!)

Friday, 15 February 2013

What was I thinking?

OMG OMG OMG I'm going camping.

And they only have a drop toilet there.

What was I thinking?

It will be fun.
It will be fun.
It will be fun.

I will cope.
I will cope.
I will not hold on the whole night and wait till I get home the next day because that will mean an ambulance drive when my bladder explodes.

The toilets in the hospitals are usually very nice.

Things I have.

I have a Tortishell kitten lounging in the sunshine of her favourite window sill, the one where she can watch all the birds and wish she was allowed outside.

I have a Tabby Geriatri-cat lounging outside in the sunshine, right in view of said kitten.  Have I mentioned that (as much as I love her and she loves me) Sidana is Not a Nice Cat.

I have an unfinished costume, waiting for me, for auditions for Knox Festival.  Tomorrow.

I have a coke chilling in the freezer.

I have a Hubby who is gorgeous, capable of fixing anything I ask him nicely enough to fix who does romance in his own style.  Did I mention he built me a Tinkerbell Green FB Holden, because I asked him too?  Seriously, he doesn't need to buy me flowers ever again!

I have a Marmie who calls me to talk to me about anything and everything.  Including finances and taxes and the local Government and infrastructure.  I distract her by asking about her puppy (he's 12 but we are all in denial that he's grown up).

I have retro mint green venetian blinds.  All my childhood, I dreamed of a house with venetian blinds.  At Grandad's they were white wth tiny silver stars on them.  Something about them just made me so happy and now these soft green ones I have make me happy. 

I have the ability to construct complete sentences without hanging and waiting, trying to remember the words.  I love this.  I missed this.

I have Circus in my life!  Fun, exercise, delight, sparkle, amazing people and spinning!  So much spinning.

So many dreams I had in my childhood have been fulfilled. 
So many have been torn to pieces and scattered to the wind, chased with raindrops of salty tears. 

So I let them go, let them fly free, forgive myself for not fulfilling them and move on to the ones I can, the Things I have.

I have a lot.

I also have hands covered in kitten scratches.  And bites.  Bitey, bite, bite, bite.  Love having a baby cat in the house again!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy over commercialised romantic celebratory day!

May you not be single on this day so that you aren't made to feel a social pariah in the eyes of society!

May your mate bring your excessive amounts of <insert tacky red/white gift here> so that your neighbours and workmates know how much you are loved.

Having said all of that, on our first Valentine's Day, Trickey inserted a notice in the Herald Sun's "Valentine" section, asking me to be his. 

My sister and I used to have so much fun, reading through these Valentines each year, pretending that anyone we knew whose names matched those in the newspaper, were now dating, no matter how unlikely or surprising the "couple" might be.  Laughing in delight the year we found one that matched our parents names (which are unusual enough to be a hard to find combination). 

So that year, I laughed even harder, with a bit of a squishy happy heart, I do admit it, when I found one that didn't just have Trickey and my names in it... but was US!  Him's did good.

Good enough that in 1997, when my little Tuxedo Psychotic Kitty of Wait Around The Corner So I Can Jump Out And Savage Your Legs With My Very Sharp Claws (actually, we called him Fruitcake, but only because this descriptive name grew and became too long for everyday use) passed on on February 14th, we declared that from now on we would not celebrate Valentine's Day.  For us, it would forever be "Fruitcake's Remembrance Day". 

I know, I know, he looks exactly like Charlie cat, except for the evil eyes and the one black eyebrow whisker.   Plus, Charlie was a darling and Fruitcake... well, let's just say that even 6 years of us trying to rehabilitate this damaged soul was pretty much completely unsucessful.  Vicious cat.  Good hunter.  Sometimes you could look into his eyes and see his soul, crying out for love, longing for pats.  Which I always gave... then, after about 20 seconds, the madness would return and if you hadn't moved your hand (or face) out of range, you would be going for the antiseptic.

Our cats worry about anniversaries and special days.
Charlie passed away on my Sister's birthday.  Tayo Cat passed away on my Niece's birthday.  My Mum's beloved Maltese Terrier passed away on Trickey's birthday.  Fruitcake on Valentine's Day. 

So, I'm guessing Sidana and Isaac cat are safe until at least Easter.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Would you believe...

Reading through some of my favourite blogs this morning, one title really caught my attention.

A whole day's blog, dedicated to just his opinion!  Loved the concept.

So, Today is "An Eccentric's Opinion Sunday".

I have LOTS of opinions.  I usually don't share them because:
-I am lazy and can't be bothered arguing/discussing them.
-They are only half formulated and prone to change.
-They are offensive to someone, somewhere.

Agent 99 is shocked and startled by what she just heard

Here's one.

If people can't spell or use grammer properly, it really irritates me, but it doesn't mean they are bad or stupid, it means they have not been adequately educated in a way that caught their interest.  Which may have nothing to do with their teachers, but everything to do with their personal fascinations.  Mine was books.  My daughter's is drawing, my Husband's is mechanics and they are both very eloquent in expressing themselves in these media.

Right from the first day I met my husband, his grammer drove me up the wall.  His handwriting was atrocious while I took calligraphy classes.  He read maybe one book a year.  This was a shock to us both, as after the first two "honeymoon" months, where I didn't read a thing, just was with my man-thing, he suddenly discovered, upon the release of a new title in a fantasy series I loved, that I could spend entire days sitting still with my nose sniffing at the vanilla scent of a novel.

99 knew how to do her research
Hubby is one of the most intelligent people I know, he just had an interesting upbringing.  So I would constantly ignore his grammer and resist even the temptation to correct him as that could end up feeling like I was putting him down.

Then, one day, just like in a fairytale, he volunteered to be the editor of a newsletter.  Which he asked me to help him with.  To help him edit what he wrote.  Together, we worked at correcting the grammer, improving the spelling, not using the same descriptive term twice in on sentence.  It was him asking to be educated, no negativity, not me pushing something upon him.

The old insert a circus picture even if it doesn't fit the theme trick.

It was lovely.  After three years, his grammer is almost delicious, his spelling a delight, he even voluntarily has his dictionary on his iPhone set to teach him a new word each day.  His handwriting is still almost unreadable.  It is bliss.

99's blissful fantasy

I still value niceness, goodness and kindness over education.  I strongly believe we need extensive education, in schools, by people travelling, through people experiencing as many different things as possible, but without niceness, all it does is set a very clever Chaos Agent running loose in the world.

Explore the world!
As Maxwell Smart would say, "If only they''d used their education for niceness instead of evil!"

"Ve don't do dududududu here at Kaos, Schtarker"