Friday, 4 January 2013


Still not coping about my Charlie cat dying.

Pretty boy.  He was so gorgeous and sleek and elegant.  And silly.
Sidana and Isaac both have failing kidneys and I said to Trickey, back in November, I am expecting to lose one or both this summer.  It's summer now.

Sidana, sleeping under the roses on the day we buried
Charlie Cat.  Lovely Old Lady Cat.

 Sidana is being assist fed and Isaac is eating less and less.  Sidana still gives the purriest smooches and can balance on my shoulder while I do housework... but only for a while and then she wants out to go to sleep again.  Camoflague Tabby has taken to sleeping where Charlie always slept, where we buried him. 

Can you see her?

As well as fighting off the depression from losing my Charlie cuddle, living with the anticipation of losing my Dana cat was really worrying me.  It felt like there was only a year of tears ahead of me and I was doing everything I knew to stave off depression.  Going out at least once a day, exercise, watching happy movies, focusing on remembering the happy moments with Charlie and getting Sidana cuddles (and Princess cuddles).

My desperately needing something to look forward to, just some extra happiness and delight in my year was the final touch needed to get Trickey to agree to something the Princess and I had been begging for, so without further ado, introducing...

Sara, (said like Zara but with an S) the Tortishell Kitten.  Share a few words, Sara!

 t7uu-= cv77777 -=9009

The Princess is a very happy child, having waited 13 years to get her very own kitten.  

I have a Grand-cat!  Finally, I get to be Granny Esme
Plus, Sara is our first Tortishell.  Are they all this sweet?

Sara is delightful, affectionate, bouncy, well behaved and so wants to be friends with Mr. Anti-social Burmese and Miss Dominating Queen Tabby.
Sara will have to make do with adoring humans.
So very cute all fluffed up upon first meeting Sidana!

Thus starts the cycle again.  
And yes, the pain at the end is worth the delight and fun of giving a cat a happy home for 10-20 years.  
It just hurts now.
A lot.

I'll go and cuddle my evil, Dominatrix, shoulder sitting, huntress of a Dana Cat.


  1. (((((hugs)))) We've had animals all our lives, mostly dogs. I had one dog, Tigger. I don't know what kind he was, but he followed me every where. He took me for walks. He was amazing. He was my protector. Then we had to move and the landlord said we couldn't bring Tigger. I was devestated. Found out years later, my parents found out after they could have pets and were angry. It was too late for Tigger. In those years we had Carnaby a beautiful whippet who had to be put down because she got old, went senile and started biting. Something she never did. Lady a beautiful Papillion who was given to a friend because she was so old and terrified of my mom's grandchildren. a gorgeous Bishon Frise who loved us dearly as we her. Recently Mindy a gorgeous Papillion who died of complications from something that even the vets are not sure of. She was only six years old. It is painful, but those companions teach us so much about live and how to move on. MOre hugs to you.

    The new kitty is gorgeous! Sarra is a wonderful name. We got a pet finally this summer. To help our children learn what only animals can teach about life, compassion, responsibility for others, death and how to move on. She is a torti and she is the most amazing kitty ever! She is smart too. And now doing nutty things like jumping up on and walking down the railings lol.

  2. Thanks for the hugs, Sarah.

    Your story about Tigger makes my heart sad, that is such a cruel thing for the landlord to have done.
    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (from Sarra)

    It sounds like you have had some lovely animals in your life. :-)
    You are right that pets teach us about the hard aspects of life, in a more gentle way. I do like knowing that Charlie cat had a good, fun, happy and long life, even though I miss him terribly. I wasn't as involved in my Grandparents lives to have the same emotional reaction to their loss (after a good, fun, happy and long life!) as I did with my Charlie.
    I think the sadness increases with each beloved lost, human or animal, as it reminds you of all the other losses and how you felt during those.

    I love smart cats, you can interact with them so much more. Pats from me to your new Torti, I would love to see some pictures. Circus cat! Kittens are so agile, my Circus Princess is already envious of her kitten's ability to do somersaults and rolls!

  3. Now I understand how your Tricky finally relented, he's been so strong for so long.

    It is an odd time, farewelling a very special old friend, whilst welcoming a new baby. New felines are good therapy.

    Just last night I sat back and watched our new little guy (name tbc - Neo and Anakin are the current suggestions being tossed around).

    While watching him I was thinking that despite the fact I ought to delay the purchase of new curtains and the re-upholstery of my Armar's chair it really is very nice to once again have a four legged friend in our home.

    Sad your other fur-babies aren't doing so well, but pleased that you can spend the time between now and their final days knowingly treasuring their existence. That really helped me with my Missycat - still hurts but keeping up the hugs till the end was really special knowing how precious they are. Yep go hug Dana