Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ringworm on kittens - less fatal than the treatment AKA "my geriatricats are NOT IMPRESSED with their new sleeping quarters"

So the Sara kitten, who is adorable and so affectionate and amazingly well behaved, is still sick.

She's not terribly unwell, she sleeps a lot and is generally happy.

And now she has come down with ringworm.  Which means that her vaccinations will be put off AGAIN.  Which means that we still cannot let her outside!  And there is nothing she wants more than to get past that door and play in the sunshine!

but.. But.. BUT... I'm cute and cuddly and you want to give me everything I want, like letting me outside to play with butterflies and skinks!
So, Ringworm, hey.  Grose, but in humans it just means putting some anti-fungal cream like Daktarin on the rash and watching it fade away. 

Cat fur makes this difficult. :-o  Plus, she might clean it off and it's not safe for kitten tummies.  Plus, we now have to wash every thing she has touch, bleach the floors and we are supposed to isolate a 3 month old kitten and not cuddle her.  A very affectionate, well socialised kitten.  *sighs*  So, those grown up cats just became outdoor cats, with nice little beds in hubby's shed.  I am not popular with the Tabby or the Burmese.

The vet explained that she also needs to take the medication, Griseofulvin, for six weeks, to clear it up properly.  Side effects of Griseofulvin are nausea, vomiting... (skip the tolerable ones)... permanent liver damage, neurological damage and death.



So Very No.

So Dr. Eccentricess and Dr. Google put their heads together and researched all the other possibilities.
The safest I have found is... oh yes, this is going to be fun!  Salt baths!  Epsom salt or Sea salt baths!
Fun!  For Whom?

Yes!  I can do this and totally pretend not to enjoy myself and not get thousands of soggy kitten pictures and maybe even one or two soggy geriatric spitting/hissing monster pictures (for their own health, of course)
YOU let her do this and just took pictures!  Betrayal!
The heater warmed towel is earning forgiveness.

 Definition of 'Kitten' - Small, soft bundle full of spikes.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Kittens: stress relief and creators

My Tabby Diva sits next to the computer while a tiny Tortishell girl cat sits on the chair, her adorable eyes peeking over the top of the table to watch the Tabby Diva.  So many attempts to socialise with the Tabby, all rebuffed with a paw whack or grumpy ol' lady growls.  This is going much better than I expected!

The running joke used to be that I wasn't allowed a kitten, because Sidana Tabby cat would eat it.  Out of jealousy, grumpiness and possibly a little because she was such an excellent hunter.

She's too old now.  Even the pigeons are returning to our yard.  I noticed that in October. 

So tiny Kitten is safe from being Tabby noms! *cheeky grin*

Sara of Softness not edibleness
Last night was horrid, as we had to introduce our Sara Torti to our lovely vet, Dr. Geoff, who was very taken with her sweet personality, excellent cat suspension system and how pretty she was.  There was as much time spent checking her out as cuddling and patting her - best vet ever!

He pronounced her sick with the Herpes virus.  This struck fear into my heart, as this was a kitten killer when I was a kid.

However, he explained about the vaccination that was invented in 1980, even though she's only had her first vaccination it all helps reduce the severity of the disease, that she had a mild dose and her tear ducts were still working. 

That was cool by the way, he put these drops in Sara's eyes and then shone a black light on her and her eye, nose and mouth glowed!  That showed that her tear duct was still open. *happy Kitten Granny*

So, last night's sleep was the tense sleep of someone living with the fear of more heartbreak.  When I am tense, I push my tounge against my front teeth.  They are so "buck" this morning.  Might be time to get a mouthguard if I cannot learn to relax.

What do you do when you are tense?  Can you sleep?  Do you toss and turn, talk in your sleep or wake up to find that you have dug your nails into you palm all night? 

Friday, 4 January 2013


Still not coping about my Charlie cat dying.

Pretty boy.  He was so gorgeous and sleek and elegant.  And silly.
Sidana and Isaac both have failing kidneys and I said to Trickey, back in November, I am expecting to lose one or both this summer.  It's summer now.

Sidana, sleeping under the roses on the day we buried
Charlie Cat.  Lovely Old Lady Cat.

 Sidana is being assist fed and Isaac is eating less and less.  Sidana still gives the purriest smooches and can balance on my shoulder while I do housework... but only for a while and then she wants out to go to sleep again.  Camoflague Tabby has taken to sleeping where Charlie always slept, where we buried him. 

Can you see her?

As well as fighting off the depression from losing my Charlie cuddle, living with the anticipation of losing my Dana cat was really worrying me.  It felt like there was only a year of tears ahead of me and I was doing everything I knew to stave off depression.  Going out at least once a day, exercise, watching happy movies, focusing on remembering the happy moments with Charlie and getting Sidana cuddles (and Princess cuddles).

My desperately needing something to look forward to, just some extra happiness and delight in my year was the final touch needed to get Trickey to agree to something the Princess and I had been begging for, so without further ado, introducing...

Sara, (said like Zara but with an S) the Tortishell Kitten.  Share a few words, Sara!

 t7uu-= cv77777 -=9009

The Princess is a very happy child, having waited 13 years to get her very own kitten.  

I have a Grand-cat!  Finally, I get to be Granny Esme
Plus, Sara is our first Tortishell.  Are they all this sweet?

Sara is delightful, affectionate, bouncy, well behaved and so wants to be friends with Mr. Anti-social Burmese and Miss Dominating Queen Tabby.
Sara will have to make do with adoring humans.
So very cute all fluffed up upon first meeting Sidana!

Thus starts the cycle again.  
And yes, the pain at the end is worth the delight and fun of giving a cat a happy home for 10-20 years.  
It just hurts now.
A lot.

I'll go and cuddle my evil, Dominatrix, shoulder sitting, huntress of a Dana Cat.