Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sandy Hook - Discussions with my 13 year old.

Sandy Hook Elementary school.

As a parent, my mind backs away from considering how dreadfully heartbreaking this tragedy is for the families of the children and teachers.  I know too many people who are living "My Worst Nightmare" and I have seen the grief of parents who lose children, young or at 39.
My heart goes out to each and every family member, trying to cope with their senseless loss.

My daughter asked me about this senseless massacre.  I asked her for a moment and googled for help, for help of how to tell her without making her unwilling to ever go to school again.

We talked about how her school is at less risk, sheerly due to it being a small school.
We talked about how the school children had so few option of what to do, about the brave teacher who managed to hide so many 6 years olds in cupboards - imagine being able to get all those children hidden so quickly and then lie convincingly to a madman holding multiple weapons.  Brilliant woman.
We talked about gun laws.
Oh yes, we talked about them.

I am Australian, I grew up with guns, my Father is a true devotee of guns, my family are involved with the local gun club.  We had a farm.  Gun are important to farms.  At least... one of the guns my Dad owned was important to the farm.  The rest were for fun.  Fun.  The fun of shooting at a target.   I didn't like the loud noise, the recoil back into my shoulder or the smell.  So I will merely accept that others found it fun. 

I explained to my Princess that the laws in Australia had ensured people, could only have guns suited to killing animals.  Because that is the only purple for a gun, to kill.  There were no automatic weapons in the house.  No assault weapons.

My daughter and I talked about how if the killer at the Sandy Hook school had guns that didn't fire so quickly, some more of the children might have survived.  Someone might have been able to get closer to try and disarm him.  People could have run.  The whole aspect of human reflexes vs the incredible firing speed of those guns made it impossible for anyone to escape.

Dad handed in several killing machines after the Port Arthur tragedy.  The others were locked up securely at the Gun Club, as Dad had no suitable storage at home.  No easy access to guns. 

Guns kill.  That is their whole purpose.
The mental stability of the person holding the gun decides who/what lives and who dies.
The firing rate of the gun decides if there is a chance for the intended victims to escape or respond defensively.

They used to say "If we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns."

If that is the case in Australia, from what I have seen in the news... those outlaws tend to only use those outlawed guns against other outlaws.

R.I.P. Sandy Hook children and teachers.  

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  1. I don't like guns and will never ever have one in my house.
    How easy is it, in the heat of rage, to pick up the gun and shoot. Remove the temptation I say.