Monday, 10 December 2012

He was the silliest of bouncy cats

15 years ago a very silly cat joined our lives.  Stunningly gorgeous, with his tuxedo and white gloves on, with one little black toe on each front paw to add adorableness.

Charlie liked to sneak up onto your lap... inching his way onto the couch, over to you, so that you would have been patting his lush fur for a few minutes before you realised he was even there.
Look at me!  I'm Gorgeous!
Charlie Kitten trying to figure out how to get back down...
He was playful and had non-stop energy.  It didn't matter if the other cats were awake or asleep, Charlie cat would pounce and start the games, anyway!  SiDana may have developed her impressively high "Leap to the top of the cupboard in a single bound" skill sheerly to have some time out from Mister Charlie.

This was a favourite game... "Come pat my belly so I can try and gouge your arm... Pleeeease?

He adored my Princess.  She likewise adored him, and even until last week, could be found dragging the innocent and placid Charlie around the house and yard.  While she never took it into her head to dress him up, he was certainly a large part of her childhood games, with dolls, pirate ships, cats and Mummy all dragged into together. 

His whiskers.  For so many years they were at least an inch wider than his body.  Stunning.
 He did think her Pram was his.  It's possible she encouraged this.  It was amazingly cute to see my Boy Cat and Girl Child in the pram together.  Charles would even let me take them for walks, as long as I stayed in "his" territory.

He slept with me.  Under the doona, with his gorgeous little paws on my arm and shoulder, his sweet black head with such enormous white whiskers tickling my ear as he purred his outrageously loud purr.  Even three weeks ago, Trickey was complaining how the happy noise was keeping him awake, so I snuggled Charlie cat further under the doona and told him to ignore that grumpy old man.

And now.

I will miss him.
My chunky cuddle.
My beautiful bounding gazelle.
My Boy Cat with such an innocent gaze, because he was retarded and we were warned, but he didn't need to be smart, he was loveable.  The Fire Brigade were very nice about having to get him down from that large tree.  The neighbours were fine about me paying for anything he destroyed, though they did have to start feeding Smokey Cat inside - Charles had a serious Houdini streak when it came to getting out the the "Play Patio" we built to confine him.
And it was all good.

How could anyone call such an exuberant kitten "Beast" and give him to a shelter at 6 months old, I will never understand.  However, I will be eternally grateful that they did.

15 years of fun and delight and smooches and being an awesome entertainer.

Love you so much, my Charlie Boy Cat.  You were a balm to my soul.  Healer cat that cuddled when things were bad.  Silly cat.  So Silly.  Love that.

The Girl, The Man, The Girl Cat and I are going to miss you. 
Rest in peace, adored and cherished Charlie Cat.  I may never get over you, but I will always be glad you were with me.


  1. I'm so sad for you. It's always sad when a much loved pet dies. He was certainly beautiful to look at.

    1. Thank you, River, it's breaking my heart to be without Charlie.
      His elegant looks were what drew me to him in the first place, at the RSPCA. Then I went in and met him and oh, he was so friendly and affectionate and accepting and somehow something inside me just felt a little better and righter and shinier.
      I'm sad, so sad, but SO GLAD he was in my life.