Sunday, 11 November 2012

Why I hoop!

As an adult, I had kinda stopped playing.

Then I had a daughter and started playing at her level, growing each year as she grew.

My princess is so different from me that I was privileged to explore whole new world, of art and dance and finally circus.

It was when I picked up that first hoop during one of her circus classes, when I was given an adult sized hoop (those little ones from toy stores are CHILD sized!  Never occurred to me, I thought I had just grown to old to hoop) and spun it around my waist.

At first, I got a thrill from being able to keep the hoop spinning.  Yehaaa!

Then I started remembering the tricks I did at primary school.   Could I do those?  The one where you spin it on your hand? 

Yes I could!

At Ruccis after my very first hoop performance ever, in 2009. 

The background has been blurred since I couldn't be bothered calling 20 or so people to get their permission to post their faces. ;-)

What about the fun of spinning the hoop around my ankle and jumping over it, while running forward?  Oh yes!  With a sense of who I was at ten, for just a few steps, I was doing that too.

I felt free.  I felt a sense of success.  I felt able. 

I could smell the cut grass at my primary school, the chocolate Big M scent of my childhood hoop, the warmth of the sun that used to bleach my blonde hair for me as I hula'd for hours in the backyard, the fun of a group of girls and boys in the courtyard all spinning and jumping and having fun together. 

Sharing the tricks we learned.  Crowing like Peter Pan when we learnt to do something new.  Sharing hoops so people could try to hoop with more than one.  Community.  Hoop community!

With a hoop now in hand, I felt like playing.  For no reason other than that it was enjoyable.  Smiling gleefully at others around me, having a wonderful time, sharing that happy energy. 

When I hold a hoop, I feel free to try new things.  If I drop it, I just pick it up again, no problem caused.  If I try something new and it doesn't work, that's okay because this is play and nothing bad happens because I failed.  It's not even failure.  Each time I try, I teach my brain and body a little step more in the attempt.  How awesome is that? 

When I hoop it causes smiles like this one.  

Smiling.  This moment (just after finishing the Hat and the Hoop performance) was partly immense relief that the performance was DONE and partly sheer joy. 
Hooping is a way to play. 

My life is not just work and family.  Now it includes playing and I have taken that lesson and learnt to play in other ways, spontaneously or planned.