Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Real World Infiltrating! now with added flowers!

My inspiring RUCCIS coach now reads my blog.  (waves hello!)  This is a combination of exciting, nerve-wracking and embarrassing.  Plus I am going to have to really carefully edit my grammar from now on. (cheeky grin at said coach)  So this is like an interim post, to get over that nervousness. 

*twiddles thumbs, wonders what to write, writes, deletes, not stressing, just... unsure!*

When I come home and park in my driveway, I have a great feeling of contentment and happiness.  I love my little cream brick veneer house and I love being at home.  As a special bonus, in Spring, this is the view I see from my car as I park.

I know there are so many spiders living in there (yey for mini-ecosystems!) that I haven't had the courage to clean my windows for over a decade (Isn't is fun being old enough to speak in terms of decades!), but it is a happy spot.  Often a tiny Tabby can be found sleeping in the violets under the Stonewall x Jackson azalea and when I get out of the car, she stands up and does a most adorable stretch before greeting me with her trilling meow. 

Pretty!  Morning sun making the flowers glow.

 The intensity of colour makes my eyes happy.

What makes you happy when you get home?


  1. Seeing those bright yellow flowers would make me very happy indeed.