Thursday, 11 October 2012

Cry Tabby - but I keep on answering the call

My Girl Kitten (who may be 15 years old, but is still tiny and continues to be known as the Kitten) cries everytime she goes to bed. 
Not when she curls up outside, not when she settles in for a snooze by the heater, not when she purrs herself to sleep on my lap.  Unless we are in my bedroom.

It's a very sad, cry, the cry of a baby looking for her mother.  At night, she explores the entire room, talking to ghosts and crying out, before settling down (usually on my head) (True, that doesn't help my breathing problems, but she is impossibly cute and gets away with anything she wants to). 

She didn't do this the first night I brought her home.  She didn't leave hold of me for the whole night.  Sharp, tiny claws ensured her grip.

She curled up on my chest, just over my heart and fell asleep purring to my heart beat.  For twenty minutes I strained my eyes to watch her sweetly sleep.   She was a two month old kitten... so after that twenty minutes she got up and wanted to play.

But the next night... she searched.  We thought it was adorable, the tiny little paddy paws girl exploring the cupboard and window sills, until the cry started.  Up we bounced to make sure our baby girl kitten was okay.  Amber eyes peered back up at us from inside the dark cupboard, wide open and soulful.  Then she gave her happy, bird like chirrup to us and dived with kittenish enthusiasm into the next nook.  And cried again. 

This cry of hers tugs at my heartstring. 

Hubby teases me that she is looking for her real Mum.  I AM her real Mum!  She was part of a litter of kittens dumped at an Animal Rescue place.  I did not take her from her Mum, I adopted her and did my best. (my best does not include discipline) 

Usually she is a very happy, spoilt, smug little dominating Tabby who knows she rules this household.

Except... when she goes into the bed room and cries for a few minutes before curling up. 

After 15 years, I know nothing will fix this.  I still rush in to check (okay, the Tabby is a little bit precious to us), but just give her a pat and get on with the day after I know she is fine.

 I just wish I could make it better.  Or understand cat talk and know that she's actually saying, "My bed, you other cat's keep away", or something traditionally spoilt, jealous and possessive Evil Dominating Shoulder sitting Tabby Girl Cat like.


  1. She certianly does not like to be left alone.

    1. True. I was away for four days last fortnight and Madame Diva Cat became quite grumpy with the world.
      The clinginess is entirely mutual. ;-)