Thursday, 6 September 2012

I believe in me

I've been very distracted by this "real life" that William Shatner told us Trekkies to get several decades ago.  Seriously, Billy, dressing up as fictional characters and parading on stage, while spending the day talking to other people with the same passion as me... is exactly what I am doing now at Circus.  So, while I respect Captain Kirk, William Shatner can simply accept that my opinion of him is that he is someone who cannot realise other people live fully, excitedly, thrillingly in different ways to his expectations.

Expectations bite.  I am learning to ignore them and go with the flow.  I may not get what I aimed for at the beginning, but I get something wonderful or magical or simply good.

For the last two months, my life focus has been on the upcoming RUCCIS production.  Creating acts, rehearsing, recovering from muscle abuse *grins*, sewing SOOOOOO many costumes and promoting our performance!

So, while my blog has been vegging on the couch in front of trashy TV shows, I have done this...
It's a colour in Flyer for our show!  I loved the concept and had a ball making it. 

We are on the ACAPTA website , which gave me such a thrill.

I have spent hours days months making pretty fabrics into almost finished costumes...

These will be a 70's outfit, an egyptian statue costume, a Venetian Lady's dress and a Flapper dress, complete with awesome wig and feather headband. 
They WILL.  
I believe in me. 

The Princess is performing as well.  Her costume is a black shirt and pants with fur trim.  Not much of a challenge for me there...but I never wanted to be a Stage Mum, who pushes their child from backstage.  

Being on stage as well is So Much More Fun. ;-)

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  1. I love the flyer!
    Gracie and the Time Machine sounds like a great show, what a pity I won't be able to see it. If only it was a movie.