Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Soooo, the Olympics have started.

If someone hadn't mentioned it on Facebook, I wouldn't have known the Olympics had begun.

I used to love the Olympics.  Loved the opening Ceremony, watching the Athletes parade out in all the hopefulness.

Admittedly, I only have any interest in watching the gymnastics.  Which is shown less and less these days, in Australia.   I was almost tempted to get Pay TV this morning, whom are playing the Gymnastics quite extensively. 

So why am I not even turning on the television?  I know there is some block there, something insisting I don't.  I just want to know what that inhibition is and if it is one of my silly things or something practical.

I have noticed since I have become so involved with Circus, it takes up most of my mental space.  Maybe I don't want to distract from this process?

Is it a dislike of competitiveness?  The sadness I feel for those who makes mistakes, after devoting their lives to training for this one event? 

Distaste for the hype that goes with it?  The fake personalities I see on television, which are a big reason why the television only comes on to watch DVD's when I'm home.

Is it fear of getting sucked into the TV maybe?  Life is so much more fun when I am living it, rather than watching it!

Is it because I know I am going to get angry?  Be distressed by the stupid things that are said, as discussed by these two blogs...
Where is your Olympic Spirit?
Australia expects too much of Olympians

Who knows?  But I just turned on the TV and they are discussing complete junk and there is much screaming and my fingers are itching towards my remote control off button.

If anyone knows good Youtube versions of the gymnastics, let me know, but my ancient Tabby cat has just fallen asleep on her rainbow mat and I think I would rather watch her dream.  And feel the peace.


  1. Wow, this makes me glad I don't watch the Olympics. I was just thinking the other day it was sad I didn't. But seriously, most of these commenters couldn't even place in the Olympics because they don't have the drive and determination. They need to shut up and be in awe of the strength and character of these incredibly talented people.

    1. Absolutely, Sarah!
      I am loving Alicia Coutts comment she made upon winning a Silver Medal, with a HUGE smile on her face... "Now I have one of each colour!"

  2. Me too!!! I very very seldom watch TV. I'd prefer to cruise the internet or to be actually doing something. I don't even watch DVDs. The days are going so fast now that I can't afford to waste a second... I did watch the Olympic opening but it was so boring that I went to sleep!

  3. I am just not interested this time.

    Maybe it is because I get so damn angry at the commentators telling the athletes that they are disappointing their country with a silver medal.

    I have enough shit to be angry about. Heh.

    1. I agree, Kelley, getting a silver medal, qualifying for the olympics, these are things to be awed by, not be the sort of (parent) country that teaches that you are "never enough".

      I maaaaaay have taped last night and sat here all morning fast forwarding to watch the Uneven Bars (OMG, Beth from UK was SO AMAZING, I forgot to breathe during her performance) and the Australian team perform their amazing synchronised swimming routine. SOOOOOOO Pretty!

  4. I'm not much of an Olympics watcher. And yeah i really only like watching the gymnastics and diving. I did however happen to see Sally do some hurdles and it was really exciting :)