Friday, 20 July 2012

Yours in arachnophobia

*Warning!  While there are no pictures of spiders, there is a picture of a bite wound, for those who find such things icky.  

On Sunday, I will be attempting to get my First Aid Certificate.

I have nearly finished my theory.

I am stuck on one bit. 
In the poisons section.
The bit with all the identifying pictures.
And a video.

Of Spiders.

I have not managed to watch it yet.

Even scrolling down to it, I have to go past a Funnel web spider (treat with compression bandaging all the way up the limb).

Then after it is a redback spider (treat with cold compress) and a charming portrait of a white tail spider (wash area with soapy water to reduce bacterial infection)

Wish I'd known that after that rotter bit me.  One month of feeling like I had a burning hot knitting needle stuck in my thigh might have been reduced slightly.  This is what a white tail BITE looks like after two weeks.
It is about 1.5 cm wide at this point.  Later, it got to be the size of a 20 cent coin and was a weird, blue, scaly looking thing.  My Princess joked her mama was turning into a Dragon.  I think she might have been a little bit hopeful, also...

They missed "Huntsman" - treat with panicky flailing of limbs until the horrid thing that crawled onto your car speedo, looked at you through your steering wheel, reared up it's two front legs and jumped on your head is in multiple pieces on the floor of your car... and you are wearing Sandles with Huntsman's legs still caught in them.

Hubby was very impressed that I managed to pull the car over.  He'd always said that I was going to die of a spider related car accident.

My Husband recommends a desensitisation program, to cure my irrational spider phobia.   I have lived in abject, irrational fear of his following through with this helpful concept for years, till I finally broke down in tears and made him say he wouldn't do it.

I recommended moving to England, where they barely have any spiders at all.

So, when I do the actual First Aid course... are they going to show *that* video and flash up pictures?  Now plotting which friend to hide behind during said video...

Yours in Arachnophobia,



  1. It is particularly hard to identify when they are squished.

    It is not an irrational fear! Anything willing to bite something 20 million times bigger than it is should be feared!

  2. Not many spiders in England might be a good reason to move there, but they don't have much hot golden sunshine either.

    I killed a spider on Friday. I'm not counting the dozens of daddy-long-legs I swiped away. I'd been sweeping the lobby of our flats (and wondering why the heck no one else ever did, it was filthy), when a nice big red-back crawled out of the pile of greasy dust, leaves, cobwebs and dirt. I squished him with my sneaker and kept on sweeping. They don't scare me one bit.