Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sparkly Zombie Attack

Costumes and blankets strewn over the floor.
Face painted and glitter spray in my hair.
Guipure lace daisies I bought on a whim over 15 years ago finally on display.

A self portrait of an Eccentricess moments before she picked up her cherry red, sparkly, shiny hoops to go on stage in front of 200 people and wiggle her 85 kg figure in lycra.

Shimmery, sparkly lycra. 


I walked out like this...

And I came back looking a little bit like this...

Zombiefied and happy about it!

My coach said when I spun around and my hair unravelled out gloriously, all the glitter and sparkles spun out around me and her thought was that "Esse would be so happy"!

Enjoy the good times with all your heart, soul and let yourself sparkle!

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