Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cabaret = Happy

My costume got close enough to finished.
Our cherry red sparkly hoops were awesome...right until you got them under blue stage lighting and we COULDN'T SEE THEM!!!
Apparently every else could, due to their intense sparkliness, but tricks we got so easily earlier in the day, were simply not happening and we couldn't understand why.... :-o
M and I threw ourselves into an act that we had never managed to run through with decent timing... and while we both messed up tricks, the act itself...totally came together for the night.

It was awesome.
We were fabulous.
We made so many mistakes.
My Hubby was smiling when I came to see if he had enjoyed himself after the show.
Considering he has given up weeks of "cooked dinners" and "housework being done rather than being a conceptual fantasy", this is a very good reaction.

This act, "the Red Shoes", was very personal to me.

Because I love the story/movie/Kate Bush adaptation

All of these touch my heart.
The common story of giving into tempation.  My life story.
My constant battle.
plus the image of Vicky Page jumping into those red shoes has been part of my psyche for longer that I can recall.

I wanted to do this act... justice.
I wanted it to be GOOD.
So many compromises, for the story.  To bring across the concept, even when I knew I could perform better.
To edit this, edit that to give the story life.
Art mimic's life.

Tomorrow.  Knowing I have done the best acting I could, stretched myself in the name of art, had an amazingly talented partner...
I will clean the ruddy house.

Cos I have so neglected it in my passion, my love, my fire to make M and mine "Red Shoes" act, amazing.

Did I mention that M is an awesome friend?  Cos she is.  Talented, fun, gorgeous and dedicated.  I feel honoured to have had her agree to work with me. *whopping humungous smile*



My bugalicious child had a sleep over yesterday and is home tonight.  For me to go and check on important things like "Is she still breathing?" and "Is she still cute?".


Today is happy.

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  1. Way to go, you star! So happy for you that it all was such a great night. xo