Sunday, 17 June 2012

National Institute of Circus Arts - Lucy and the lost boys

National Institute of Circus Arts - a video teaser on the NICA website for the Circus show we went to see last night.

Last night.
This is what we went to see.
It was overwhelming and beautiful, astounding and hilarious.

And just a little bit scary when you know some of the people doing these freakishly dangerous but so thrilling acts.  When you watch the video teaser, there is a trapese with chains instead of ropes, which I had never seen anywhere before.  And the couragous daredevil that is performing with them is my Aerial Coach of Awesome.  I am so lucky.

Off to the gym now, to practice, practice, practice my hoop act.

There are still tickets to Lucy and the lost boys, in Prahran, if you want to go out for an amazing evenings entertainment.

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