Friday, 29 June 2012

Little Cabaret of Horrors

Is my costume finished?

Is our act amazing and finished and even more amazing because we choreographed it ourselves?  (with advice, of course, but still!!)

Have I covered my hoops in that shiny, shiny red tape?

Have the other students created astounding and in some cases terrifying acts to entertain and shock the audience.
Yes!!!... and one of them it has taken me four weeks to be able to watch him do a trick because I get so scared of it's dangerousness.  I am developing some faith in his awesomeness now.  Soon I will watch without merely peeking through my fingers as they cover my eyes...

Will the Little Cabaret of Horrors be exciting and wonderful and OMG I AM GOING TO PERFORM IN PUBLIC and I may have some anxiety issues about this.

Yes! ! ! !

Last performance, at Knox Fest, I did notice a small moment of exhilaration and excitement when we were going to perform.  Here's hoping for more of that and less of the, "I must sit completely still and stiff so that I don't run screaming out the door" that is my usual style.

Either way, I have had So Much Fun planning and preparing and sewing that it will be all wonderful.  Amazing.  And the performance will only be horrible in the intended gruesome, macabre and tragic storyline way.

I'm more excited than terrified. :D


  1. Oh man! You have me nervous myself just the way you described it! Hope it turns out to be fun and the audience loves it!

  2. Break a leg, thats what we say for luck, which is weird, but GOOD LUCK :)

  3. I am so excited for you! You shall rock it x