Wednesday, 9 May 2012

re: The budget.

(from my facebook page.  I decided it was important enough to copy and paste here)
While I understand the incentive behind getting single, unemployed parents back to work by cutting their payments, the second step required to achieve this was neglected.  There will need to be workplaces that are comfortable hiring people during school hours only, due to childcare costs being so high, and employers who have some way of coping when these single parents have to stay home with a sick child. 
I completely grasp that an employer is less likely to hire someone who may be suddenly called home to fulfill their primary responsibility of caring for their child if they have an option, so these parents being forced out into the workforce are going to have a tougher time than the average job hunter. 
Not to mention they will all be starting job hunting at the same time, so there will be immense competition. 
For the first year, maybe the Govt. could consider using the saved money to create some workplaces where each employee is a single parent and there are creches and childcare attached to the workplace, run by the single parents (who will obviously then need to get trained.)  If we expect every parent to be working then we need to make the workplace more family oriented.  They can no longer be considered separate if there is no Stay-at-home-parent to provide the means of separation between work and home.
This is as close as I get to being political.


  1. You're so damn right. I'm not unemployed at the moment but I recently wrote about working as a single mum and wanting to work part-time as a single mum

    1. Great post, Jen, it really shows what the working mother lives with and how the world is not set up to have families and work united.

  2. The fixation on a budget surplus has been very damaging in many sectors, of which this is a prime example. I'm just waiting for everyone to realise that cutting the flow-on funding to the states means that THEY will be putting up taxes and adding new ones to fund the shortfall. So it's all just shifting deckchairs on the Titanic. As usual.

    1. Red, I don't understand numbers very well, so I can only interpret that part of the budget that was well within my sphere of knowledge.

      I do however, understand that when one tightens one's belt, things become more uncomfortable and that is the vague impression I got from this budget.

      I have lots of simple ideas for ruling the country. For example, everyone on the dole has to do one days volunteer work a week and they get paid at the end of that day (or not at all if they don't show up). If nothing else, it would mean the Dole bludgers would do something of some value with a portion of their lives, and hopefully, those who are motivated and genuinely trying to find work, can volunteer work their way up to having new skills.

      I have ideas, but I know that getting involved in politics would suck my life away and reduce the time I can give to my family, so I have chosen to try and improve the lives of those around me, instead. More manageable.