Friday, 11 May 2012

Procrastination is an art form...

One of my most used phrases from my Uni years is "Procrastination is an art form and I am perfecting it".

A whole two weeks has gone by and in the "Bright light of Tomorrow Morning" is the day to present the finished product of glorious red shoes.

See those threads...?  Cool 1948 special effects for undoing the laces, then playing the film backwards to make it look like the red shoes attached themselves to her feet by magic.
Mine won't look like these, but here is my inspiration!
The  early part of the fortnight had gone according to plan, spent finding the right kind of shoes, choosing a gorgeous red covering fabric.

More time was devoted to researching and visualising the sewing of Sparkly Red fabric onto my shoes, thinking over possible difficulties and getting the procedure straight in my imagination.

This visualisation is the most important step.  Without a precise idea of how I intend to attach the sparkly red fabric to the shoes, I will mess it up.  Cut it wrong and end up not figuring it out until the third or fourth try and I am SO over that pathway.   And over the unpicking.  I detest unpicking.
This visual storyboard of sewing steps in my head of what I expect my hands to perform is a vital step.  All going well.

The next two days were lost to illness and chaos, which is almost an expected factor in any plan of mine and was okay.  (Yukky, though. )

The day after I woke, bright and with only a little cough, was ready to get into action!   Get moving on the housework, make those calls, do the shopping, race here and there and "Oh, how did it get to be bedtime already! Tomorrow.  I will focus on the Red Shoes tomorrow."

By this time,  the "Red Shoes" had become the "Lost Shoes".  A day of tidying the mess I live in,  socialising with after school committments and greeting the new Egg that is my Grand-Egg for the week.  Princess is so excited and involved with this egg.  (please let it not crack)  I made a tiny baby Blanket for Ash, the Grand-Egg and oh, wow, Princess got all teary and delighted that I had done it.  Her friend was awed and said wow so much I felt obliged to point out to her that it was very rough and done very quickly, at which point, my precious Princess accurately pointed out all the places where she could see signs of haste and imperfection.  She wasn't worried about these flaws, she loved the blanky.

Ash, the Grand-Egg, with his green blanky.

I will make a sewing Diva from this child, yet.  She has such a good eye.

At about 9pm, I found the shoes.   And promptly went to bed.

Party Weekend!  Fun!  Egg cracked!  Trauma, grief and really a lot of growth for the little Princess.

Maybe during the week, I will sew...

Thus, the red shoes are begun. 
And I have.

*still not finished, but I have tonight, yes?!*


  1. You're brave tackling such a project... Hope all goes well with them. We'll expect pictures! I'd just cut bits and glue them on. Sorry to read you got the dreaded lurgy. Hope you are well and truly over it now. Take care xo

    1. Thanks for using the term "brave", Lydia.
      Not over the lurgy but showing signs of defeating it. This must be the 2012 mutation, because it is lasting forever and defeating even overdoses of garlic tablets. ;-)

      After this, I will tackle the beautiful Red Glitter hoops we are making for the act! Shiny makes me happy.

  2. Ah.........umm.....Later

    1. *giggles* Sewing is so a sport! ;-) You read of needles racing, there is an engine in my sewing machine and definately sewing can be highly competitive... *teasing grin*