Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Love her more than a Dragon loves it's treasure hoard.

I am so proud of my little girl.

Because she made the most yummy and awesome pizza on Mother's Day.

Because she chose me ballet shoes for Mother's Day. (Squeeeeee)

Because she calls Gran and then sits at the window to blow her long distance kisses and so excitedly catches the ones Gran sends back.

Because she draws amusing and adorable dragons.
I first saw this one at Circus and stared for a while before I got it.  Then I ran around showing all the coaches cos it needed to be shared.

Because she is working so hard to adapt to her new school without compromising any of her life ideals.

Because even when she doesn't want to try and explain the difficulties, she sighs and tries again and while I may not be able to fix things these days, she knows she has been heard.

Because she gets herself ready for school without nagging.  (I know, right! AWESOME)

And Because... Because...  she is so gorgeous and so doesn't play on it.

She wants to be acknowledged for her identity, not just her looks.

Love her more than a Dragon loves it's treasure hoard.


  1. Just found some time to catch up with your posts & just had to share my delight in your talented daughters artwork - as you inferred it's not only a fantastic drawing but there is a sense of humour & logic thrown in too! I bet all dragons would now prefer a bed of notes - unless of course they involuntary sneeze fire - that could be a problem!

    1. *Laughs delightedly* I will share that with her, such a good thought.