Monday, 28 May 2012


Lately, the urge to blog hasn't emerged.

My head is so full of preparations for our caberet show, Eurovision and getting my house clean enough for sleepovers and hoop making days that words haven't been my focus.

I am also preparing to have a "Flashdance" viewing at my house and I want to follow this up with en masse 80's video clips, to eddicate the Circus young-un's into a better understanding of the decade.  Cos it was SO FUN!

So, find something fun to do and I'll see you on your blogs. ;-)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Love her more than a Dragon loves it's treasure hoard.

I am so proud of my little girl.

Because she made the most yummy and awesome pizza on Mother's Day.

Because she chose me ballet shoes for Mother's Day. (Squeeeeee)

Because she calls Gran and then sits at the window to blow her long distance kisses and so excitedly catches the ones Gran sends back.

Because she draws amusing and adorable dragons.
I first saw this one at Circus and stared for a while before I got it.  Then I ran around showing all the coaches cos it needed to be shared.

Because she is working so hard to adapt to her new school without compromising any of her life ideals.

Because even when she doesn't want to try and explain the difficulties, she sighs and tries again and while I may not be able to fix things these days, she knows she has been heard.

Because she gets herself ready for school without nagging.  (I know, right! AWESOME)

And Because... Because...  she is so gorgeous and so doesn't play on it.

She wants to be acknowledged for her identity, not just her looks.

Love her more than a Dragon loves it's treasure hoard.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's day/Trance Dance

Esse is so drunk.
Is fun.
We are listening to so much KLF.
The Daughter is making Pizza under the Mama's eagle eye.
Or the Daughter is making pizza while the Mama is dancing around the kitchen. 
Your choice.

What do you listen to when the mood takes you and you just NEED to dance?

Friday, 11 May 2012

Procrastination is an art form...

One of my most used phrases from my Uni years is "Procrastination is an art form and I am perfecting it".

A whole two weeks has gone by and in the "Bright light of Tomorrow Morning" is the day to present the finished product of glorious red shoes.

See those threads...?  Cool 1948 special effects for undoing the laces, then playing the film backwards to make it look like the red shoes attached themselves to her feet by magic.
Mine won't look like these, but here is my inspiration!
The  early part of the fortnight had gone according to plan, spent finding the right kind of shoes, choosing a gorgeous red covering fabric.

More time was devoted to researching and visualising the sewing of Sparkly Red fabric onto my shoes, thinking over possible difficulties and getting the procedure straight in my imagination.

This visualisation is the most important step.  Without a precise idea of how I intend to attach the sparkly red fabric to the shoes, I will mess it up.  Cut it wrong and end up not figuring it out until the third or fourth try and I am SO over that pathway.   And over the unpicking.  I detest unpicking.
This visual storyboard of sewing steps in my head of what I expect my hands to perform is a vital step.  All going well.

The next two days were lost to illness and chaos, which is almost an expected factor in any plan of mine and was okay.  (Yukky, though. )

The day after I woke, bright and with only a little cough, was ready to get into action!   Get moving on the housework, make those calls, do the shopping, race here and there and "Oh, how did it get to be bedtime already! Tomorrow.  I will focus on the Red Shoes tomorrow."

By this time,  the "Red Shoes" had become the "Lost Shoes".  A day of tidying the mess I live in,  socialising with after school committments and greeting the new Egg that is my Grand-Egg for the week.  Princess is so excited and involved with this egg.  (please let it not crack)  I made a tiny baby Blanket for Ash, the Grand-Egg and oh, wow, Princess got all teary and delighted that I had done it.  Her friend was awed and said wow so much I felt obliged to point out to her that it was very rough and done very quickly, at which point, my precious Princess accurately pointed out all the places where she could see signs of haste and imperfection.  She wasn't worried about these flaws, she loved the blanky.

Ash, the Grand-Egg, with his green blanky.

I will make a sewing Diva from this child, yet.  She has such a good eye.

At about 9pm, I found the shoes.   And promptly went to bed.

Party Weekend!  Fun!  Egg cracked!  Trauma, grief and really a lot of growth for the little Princess.

Maybe during the week, I will sew...

Thus, the red shoes are begun. 
And I have.

*still not finished, but I have tonight, yes?!*

Marking time

Sometimes, it occurs to me that the things I do to occupy my day are distractions to fill in the time until my daughter comes home to me again.

Even now, that she is 12, I look at the clock and think "30 minutes till school finishes and I get my baby back."

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

re: The budget.

(from my facebook page.  I decided it was important enough to copy and paste here)
While I understand the incentive behind getting single, unemployed parents back to work by cutting their payments, the second step required to achieve this was neglected.  There will need to be workplaces that are comfortable hiring people during school hours only, due to childcare costs being so high, and employers who have some way of coping when these single parents have to stay home with a sick child. 
I completely grasp that an employer is less likely to hire someone who may be suddenly called home to fulfill their primary responsibility of caring for their child if they have an option, so these parents being forced out into the workforce are going to have a tougher time than the average job hunter. 
Not to mention they will all be starting job hunting at the same time, so there will be immense competition. 
For the first year, maybe the Govt. could consider using the saved money to create some workplaces where each employee is a single parent and there are creches and childcare attached to the workplace, run by the single parents (who will obviously then need to get trained.)  If we expect every parent to be working then we need to make the workplace more family oriented.  They can no longer be considered separate if there is no Stay-at-home-parent to provide the means of separation between work and home.
This is as close as I get to being political.