Sunday, 22 April 2012

A total Squeeeee moment!

Luth said the loveliest things about me, last Sat.

*fade back to Sat afternoon*

Our coach had commented that a visiting Mum was considering (read as, being told she should, a LOT!) joining our hoop class.  This ended any other conversation as we Hoop Girls bounded gleefully over to where this innocent lady was sitting, waiting to pick up her son.  Hoops in hand, we exuberantly described how much fun she would have playing with us and how much we would love to have her join in.  She must have a very practical and calm mind, as she asked us what it was we enjoyed most about hooping.  Straight to the core of finding out "why" she might consider joining.

Various replies were about how thrilling it is when you master a skill you have admired or the fun of performing, that it is so fluid and full of movement, when Luth put her arm over my shoulders and said this.*

"My favourite thing about the class is watching someone who said she just wanted to learn the skills and never, never go on stage, as she didn't like performing, to see her go on stage for the first time to introduce an act, then do her own small hoop act, then join in a full group performance and now to be choreographing her own duo act for Cabaret.  That is exciting."

I so blushed and so felt amazing - Luth is such an amazing person, talented, brilliant, fabulous hooper, terrifyingly good on the trapese, efficient and all around awesome, to hear that and hear it from her felt pretty special.

It helped me realise that I HAVE grown, I HAVE improved, not just in Circus skills, but it my general confidence, belief in myself and willingness to be part of a community.

Luth has zoomed off onto her own career now, as an event manager and part of the Solid State Circus touring group.


This term, they are touring Victorian schools!  This is Solid State Circus's advert for their school performances and workshops for the kids.  I love these workshops, where children get a chance to learn a few circus skills after seeing some amazing tricks performed by Luth, Hemlock and Ty.

I am printing off the advert for Princess to take to her school, plus another for her best friend, cos I know how much joy I get from watching these performances and playing with circus toys, like hoops, juggling balls, diablos and flower sticks, so I want to help other people, have as much fun as I do!

And maybe... they will develop a little more confidence, like Luth described the changes in me over the last four years.

*I didn't have a tape player, so this is from memory, not her exact words.


  1. Congratulations! That's a wonderful achievement - you should feel very proud of it! If you don't already, that is!!

    1. Thanks Red. :-)
      It sort of snuk up on me, how great the change is, hidden by all the angst of keeping myself from running away from the early performances, the stress of worrying that I might hurt someone in the mini tramp performances, then the slow reducing of stress as I became more confident.
      I still wouldn't cope if it weren't for the wonderful habit of one of the other performers (The son of the lady we were hoping would join!) to give back/shoulder massages to tense performers.

  2. What a wonderful thing for Luth to say. A true and meaningful compliment is so lovely to receive. Good on you!

    1. A true and meaningful compliment - So exactly true.
      I have faith in Luth meaning what she says, so it wasn't the sort of compliment to brush off as flattery. *beaming grin*

  3. I hope your new Mum considers it! It sounds like you have a lot of genuine fun.

    1. Genuine fun, what a lovely way of saying it. :-)