Sunday, 15 April 2012

Slack Mum

Schools back tomorrow - and I don't wanna send her!

It seemed such an enormous amount of time for the Princess and I to spend together, two whole weeks.

We made plans, we were going to do some painting together, go for a ride, she was going to teach me how to play Zelda on the wii, there would be a holiday in my home town.

Saturday and Sunday, we indulgantly gave to ourselves jammie days and the energy we regained from that showed me just how exhausted she and I were. 

Monday was her maths (and philosphy, cos that's how she rolls) tutoring and three of her friends for a sleepover, so no Mama/Daughter time expected there.

Tuesday could have been a relaxing TV night, curled up together with cats, the remote and lots of cuddles, but I got an exciting invite to the Cabaret Meeting, for our next circus production.  It was a glorious evening of suddenly remembering there was a Me behind the Mama.  All adults.  Stimulating conversation.  Many kittens.  Cos kittens are fun (It was held at the house of a vet nurse, who obviously brings her work home... he he he)  This was very exciting.  I may have become rather caught up in the idea that I am still a person of my own, having been part of the Mama/Daughter team for so long, so intensely, now. 

So Wednesday!  Time together!  Shopping together day!  We were so tired, I slept all morning and she played her computer.   We went up the street and decided we would rather go back home.  I slept some more.

Thursday was another separate day, we both had friends over.  The kids sat inside and were quiet, while my friend and I put a rug on the front lawn, got the stereo out and played with our hoops.  Who are the grownups?  I'm confused?!

Due to funerals and other issues, our trip to my home town was cancelled.  Four days of... Princess and I not getting dressed.  We paraded around in our dressing gowns and I read while she played computers.  BAD MAMA!  However, at the end of it, I had some of that energy that I had been missing for so long.  And Princess had some truly amazing Minecraft designs.  That's creative, right?

Finally, I can report we snuck in some giggly family time, where I thrashed their tushies at Upwords, but Unca D. won the championship round of Wall Game.

2nd Tuesday, at a friend's from Mother's group,  a most enjoyable day as the two girls found a common ground with their iPods and the delighted voices were wonderful to hear. 

Wednesday, funeral. 

Thursday, painting D&D figurines as planned, but I spent my time with Miz Z, working on our future games. 

Friday was supposed to be an amazing trip into the city with her friends and their families to see Labyrinth on the big screen!  Car trouble turned this into watching Mirror Mirror at the local cinema, which was glorious fun, and a sleepover at my house.  Mirror Mirror has inspired in me a need to watch more Bollywood and find that random class in Bollywood dancing that I did once.  SO MUCH FUN!

Saturday I had an amazing class at Circus, where I realised how wonderful my physio is and I Danced! I danced like I used too!  I haven't been able to do that for decades!  Physio is a very good and wonderful thing.   I also realised I need to get my act into gear and find a new chiro...  Princess had lunch with Unca D and then we zoomed over to her best friends new house, where we helped them unpack.  Then came home and crashed big time.

Now today... the last day before school, she has one of her longest term friends coming to visit and I will not have any time with her.  

She is happy.  I am happy.  There are smiles and hugs and I love you's.  I think I need to change my game plan.  I think I need to focus on little five minute moments together.  Rather than big chunks. 

I'ma gunna go brush her hair.  Cos I love doing that, it'll take five minutes and we can be together. 

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