Friday, 27 April 2012

Listening to her tiny heartbeat

My Cat is holding my Chocolate hostage.

Ever so delicately, she has one paw over my Cadbury's Dark Chocolate with Roast Almonds.  Claws retracted, not even crinkling the foil, but effectively preventing me from breaking off another delicious square and indulging in the rich, bitter treat I adore so much.

Because no one disturbs the Tabby when she's happy.

So love her paws.  Soft and large, compared to her tiny self.

If the Diva Dana is on your lap and you desperately need to visit the powder room.. you had best hope that she is distracted by something and leaves of her own accord.  Because no one disturbs the Tabby when she's happy.

Longing for a cuppa tea, but the Tabby has taken up residence on your shoulder.  Just ask, anyone else will make it for you.  Because no one disturbs the Tabby when she's happy.  

Need your coat to go out in the freezing, sleeting rain only there is an adorable girl cat, curled up on it and purring?  Well, get creative with your wardrobe, there is always the old coat my Dad wore back in 1965 stashed at the back of the cupboard. Because no one disturbs the Tabby when she's happy.  

Need to leave for work, but the Diva Darling is sitting on your shoulder and giving you toothy smooches on your nose?  The phone is next to you, call the sleeping wife two rooms down, who will come and give the cats breakfast so that the Tabby Diva girl will be leaving your shoulder of HER OWN ACCORD... Because no one disturbs the Tabby when she's happy.  

Diva SiDana, ruler of the household, has become interested in my typing, abandoned my chocolate and leapt delicately onto my shoulder, leaning her chest and cheek against my face.  I can hear her heart beating, so fast... and hear it slowing down as she becomes content and comfortable.

Cats calm us down, stroking their fur, watching them sleep, and now it seems I calm the evil, dominating shoulder cat down as well.  

My cat.  Her slave.  Is good.

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  1. I do believe cats rule... I read that some where. I like your taste in chocolate and now kinda wishes I bought some yesterday! xo