Friday, 16 March 2012

Not a Sponsored Post.

Sooo, writer's block has hit this week, with many a first paragraph of a post done, but the brain couldn't get past that.
We'll blame my cold and move on shall we? 

 I have been inspired by Eden's post about sponsorship and knowing the value of your own blog.  Since I have no expectations of ever doing a sponsored post and it would have to be about something I totally supported, I wanted to try my hand at a sponsored post. 
Which got deleted.  It was baaaaaaaaad.  So I went to those unpublished paragraphs and finished this morning's attempt...and look what happened?!

*re the Klingon language you are about to encounter*
I am a Trekkie.  C'est la vie. 

I am a tlhuch (exhausted) Trekkie atm, for totally non Trek reasons.   It's just that I had my Klingon dictionary out and it is totally boch (shiny) and I am feeling Quch (happy) so it is sprinkling my language again.  Why do I not write whole sentences in Klingon, you yu' (question)?  Cos I never got the hang of their grammer. :-p

On Wed night, at the amazing Hoop class run by the equally amazing Jodie, I achieved something I have been trying to do since I was ten and got my first, chocolate Big M Hula Hoop.  *mmmmh, smelled sooooo good*

Starting with the hoop spinning gaily around my waist (yes, my hoops are rainbow coloured, why do you ask?) I managed to let it spin down to my knees and catch it there.  Then with some full on, over the top (possibly hilarious) shimmying, back up to my waist.  From there, it smoothly drifted up to my chest, one arm through, the other lifting it up to spin high above my head, glorious and delighted in the space it had to play in.  Then whoosh! it swooped down to my waist again, thus completing a full cycle!

YEYEYEYEYEYEYES!!!!!  Qapla' to the Nth!

Then... just to add sprinkles to the icing on my delicious Success Cake, I succeeded in doing most of that, but with two hoops, one going up to hand, then the other going down and back up, though I flounded at getting it to chest and then hopefully both on the hands.

I want to thank my four (over the years) amazing, clever, talented, persistant and altogether inspiring hoop teachers, Doogs, Laura, Ali and Jodie.  I love that you brilliant people are in my life.

Hooping is fun, brilliant core exercise, fabulous for cardio workouts and if you ever decided you desperately needed to look like you had been sweating profusely a lovely healthy glow to your skin, ten minutes of hooping will give you that.  However, don't be fooled by those hoops at toy stores.  They are gorgeous and fun, but they ARE made for three to six year olds.  Go look at a 3 year olds waist and then your own.  Logic dictates the size of the hoop be larger for an adult.

I am going to post a "how to make a hoop", but until you know how to make your own, here is an amazing site that I can personally refer you to as being reliable, awesome and SHINY!  Also a little SPARKLY!  There is some SHIMMER to go with the shimmy!

 *fans herself like an over excited 18th Century lady trying to find breath while wearing corsetry*  Oh, The shiny wonderfulness!  Semi Cirque sell travel hoops, which is so brilliant.  You can carry them to the park and then, click, click, click, you have a gorgeous and amazing hoop.  Going interstate and have no access to the gym?  Pack your travel hoops.  Just want some shininess in your day?  Hang the hoop on the wall as a decoration.  

Okay, so maybe I am the only one who does that

I love my hoops.  They are hung so as to sparkle in the afternoon light when I am in my craft room.  Of course, I took this photo at night... *blonde grin* Note, these are handmade, from the "Before I found Semi Cirque era"

Do you have a small child in your life?   How fun is it to hoop along side them? *I can answer this one!  It's thrilling and bonding and she loved that Mama was doing something with her that she liked too - and it was far more enjoyable for me than that time she tried to teach me how to play bakugan*
 Do you have a 40th to go to?  What a cool present to give the now grown-up hooper!  *is willing to have several more 40th's if people want to give me the blue one above, and the fire opal one with the fishnet taping, and the green hologram on gree....* Um,, yeah, sorry, got distracted.

I met some of the Semi Cirque girls at the last Melbourne Juggling Convention and they were so passionate about their work and we talked about Pretty Sticky tapes with great joy.  I have ordered from the site a few times and been delighted with their service, communication and the shiny, glitteryness of what arrived. 

When you try one of the adult sized hoops, it's an instant confidence boost, as it is so much easier to keep up than the child sized one.  And SO MUCH FUN to get any friend who visits to try and remember how they wiggled with that hoop in Primary school.

NB:  This post was not sponsored in any way.  I just love Semi Cirque, hoops, shiny tapes that sparkle.  I also love daisies, cats, aerial lyra, my daughter, Bleeding Edge Goth Dolls, Rainbows, the Spice Girls and Trickey. 

Did you hoop when you were at school?  What was your hoop like?  And who remembers the awesome that was the Chocolate, Banana or Strawberry Big M hoop?  If so... did you ever taste the hoop because it smelled so delicious?

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