Saturday, 17 March 2012

Frivolous Fresh Horses - a sight worth seeing

I so love Eden's Fresh Horses Brigade.
It stretches me, gives me focus, opens me up.
Here's something you maybe didn't know about me.
I have a Science degree in Photography.

So, you would think that Eden's new meme, Picture This. would be right up my alley.  

Exceeeeeept, I only finished my degree through sheer and absolute stubborness.  I barely passed and took an extra year.  I detested photography by the end of it.
I packed away my SLR camera, bought a "click click" and only took photos at parties and events.  It took 6 years before I even removed my Nikon from the camera case on the top shelf.  *grins* Which happened because I had this new baby girl and she was AWESOMELY photogenic!

Whenever I take the camera out, I feel the pressure to justify having spent four years immersed in photography (oddly enough, I found ways to do a lot of physics during this photography course - including one brilliant semester of acoustics).  Then I just shake off that pressure and take totally dodgy pictures, but enjoy myself anyway.  Wheeeeee!

So here are some of the frivolous photos from this week.  Not all taken by me, but designed and enacted by me!  Onwards to silliness! (and cats)  (you were expecting the cats, weren't you?)

This is what my geriatri-cat of a Diva Tabby usually does.  She has taken to the Princess's room of late (even though I have tried many techniques to entice her back to her proper place on my pillow) and was looking ever so adorable sleeping amongst all the cat toys that decorate the 12 yr olds bed.

Diva Cat

This fascinated me this week, driving to pick up Princess from her school up in the mountains.  When we were house shopping, twenty years ago, I declined to buy in this so lovely and pretty area after my Datsun and I spent an afternoon trapped in a ditch.  I saw this and thought... "I SO understand how they would have done this."  There was a little grass fire under it, but it went out even as I waited for the "slow" sign to be turned by the Ambulance officers directing traffic.

"Oh!  I totally thought I put it in reverse.  Oooops!
Out front of a Delicious Chocolate shop.  The driver was probably delirious from  cocoa overdose. (I would be!)

See that face??  That so smug, pleased with myself because I am the most awesome of Geriati-cats, with arthritis and I'm 15, but I can still climb that tree.  I think I love the Evil, Dominating, Shoulder Cat who rules our domain so much because she is so honest about her emotions and intentions.  No trying to be polite for company or putting on a good face.  If she's mad, she'll viciously attack you, if she's pleased she'll show it and if she loves you, she will smooch you and purr louder than a diesel truck going up a hill.
I'm good.  And you know it.  You can worship me, my pet can opener.

Steve and I were playing with the camera today at circus.
That's my arm.  And three, pretty, shiny, sparkly, lovely hoops.
Apparently, also the number 11.
This is the whole reason why hoops have the peppermint style stripes on them.  To get those cool patterns when you spin them.

One of our Boy Cats.  Being allowed to rest in peace because the Princess was at school.  We call him the Heat Sink because he will absorb heat from any source, sometimes becoming so hot that touching him is uncomfortable.  He loves indoor fires and will sleep close enough to get sparks burning his fur AND NOT CARE!
I have sun from the East, I have sun from the North.  I am also sitting above the heater.  Acceptable.
 There is talk of a Caberet style performance next term.  I want in.  I have been thinking of costuming for the act I want to present.  Digging around in my costume box, I found a friend's now-retired belly dancing skirt.  So I put it on.  It made me want to spin like a 5 year old and have the skirt do...  this!!
 Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (wobble) eeeeeeee (wobble wobble) eeeeeeee!

After 15 attempts at this, I was finally happy with this shot. *big smile*  And I hadn't fallen over.  *Bigger smile*  Trickey had barely even acknowledged that his wife was spinning in a circle skirt and tie dyed lycra pants in front of a camera... because he is used to me.

This was fun!  Have you got any pictures on your camera just waiting to shared?  Things that tickled your fancy during the week and you just couldn't resist photographing them?  This weeks "Pictures of your Pets? ".  *cheeky grin*  
I'm off to explore the other bloggers that have linked up with Eden's "Picture This" while listening to Blondie.

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade


  1. So jealous of your hula hoop skills, great shot of you at the end, looks like fun :)

  2. Your photos are so full of life and funny! Thank you for the light and the happy! I love your cats, by the way. x

  3. The photo of the car up the bank had me FASCINATED!!

  4. What wonderful and joyous photos! I just love your heat sink cat :) he has beautiful fur and I wouldn't mind curling up in that spot myself!!

  5. You're right... that cat does look evil. Love your twirly skirt with you twirling away in your gorgeous leggings without falling over. A touch giddy maybe but still upright.. You forgot to mention boob in the glittery hoop shot! AND.. how the fuck did that car get up there or was it up there trying to get down??? xo

  6. I love that last shot, I also want a pair of awesome tie-dyed leggings now x

  7. I love that... "because he's used to me." Just as it should be, spinning in skirts is completely the thing to do.

  8. Spinning in red skirts. That could be the name of a kick-arse all female performance troupe.

    I want it.

    Beautiful pics, thanks for linking up XXX