Thursday, 8 March 2012

Circus play time!

Or, as I tend to describe it SO MUCH FUN!

Far too exhausted to post much about it, but I so want to write down the whole weekend, that it will appear here eventually.
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So for today, I will show you pretty pictures!  Of Circusy goodness! 

Me, showing what gracefulness does not look like!
Honestly, this hoop splitting feels much more graceful than I make it look.  I wasn't terrified at this point, as it was the last act I was in, we were near the end and this was the last difficult trick for me and I had succeeded!  The quick but very knowledgeably applied massage to get rid of the terrifying anxiety I had before going on stage definately helped, too.  Sometimes just having someone acknowledge that you are scared is all you need.

Sometimes... performing is even exciting.  Adrenaline rush.  Endorphins to the max. 
Other times, it is something I want to have over and done with and the whole reason why I do it is to have an end purpose, a reason to be doing all the amazing fun preparation of learning new tricks, rehearsing, making costumes and enjoying the incredible bonding between performers.

Cinderella taking centre stage while the Ugly Stepsisters stand back trying to look beautiful and not too jealous of Cinderella's amazing hooping talents.

"Spinderella, cut it up one time."
So awesome!  5 hoops!  Of an amazingness!

Also, her hoops are of a shiny, holographic goodness, that when the sun comes out, they sparkle in a way that looks like a rainfall of diamonds.

And that makes me happy every time.

When was the last time you picked up a hula hoop?


  1. Looking very circusy and happy. I could never even keep up one hoop. well done. xo

    1. Thanks! It's lots of fun and we have such an amazing group in the hoop class.
      Larger hoops are easier, a guide is to stand it next to you and it should be as tall as the top of your hips