Saturday, 10 March 2012

Aurora. Delightful. Omnipotence. These are a few of my favourite words.

Fresh Horses Brigade: Words
Imagine you had the mic, people were listening to you... what would you say?  What would I say?

Standing up there and saying, in a clear tone, the words, "Pedantic.  Delightful.  Aurora.  Persnickety.  Leviathan.   Omnipotence.  These are a few of my favourite words.  Thank you for listening." is probably not quite the intent of  Eden's Fresh Horses Brigade for today.

I do so love all those words.
And flibbertygibbet, though I am not sure if Laura Ingalls made that one up or it's a real words.

Words like Aurora and Omnipotence and Persnickety are simply a joy to say.  Go on.  Try it with me.

(discovers you cannot upload mp3's on Blogger.)  Well.  No wonder vlogs are so popular.   I can now recommend audacity as a fun audio recorder, just make sure you get all the Lame plugins. *giggles at their choice of name*

Even so, these are words that convey no concept, just a joy in how they sound or look. 

So what is the message I would like most to share, adore people to hear and have the chance to understand. I think, I think it might be... this.

"Think about why you do anything.  Why you work, why you go to doctors, why you take drugs, why you spend time with beloved people, why you play games, why you drink to feel more confident or escape, why you eat, why you wear clothing.  Why?

When I thought about this, I decided that I do all these things to BE HAPPY.
I work* for food, shelter and other survival/comfort reasons.
I go to the doctor to remove pain and become more able to do fun things like circus.
I take drugs to remove the pain, to heal.
I spend time with beloved people because they are the joy in my life.
I deal with the social anxiety I feel, even if some days it means I hide from everyone, because I know how much fun it is to have friends.
I play games to enhance my thinking so I can enjoy more, so I can remember the good times better.
I used to drink to help cope with my limited social skills or just to block out the pain.  (edit: this doesn't work)
I eat for comfort and survival.
I wear clothing for warmth, social reasons and fun.
I do all these things so that I can enjoy those moments when I am happy.  Find moments in which to be happy.  Find ways to be happy.  I stopped doing some of these things because I realised they weren't making me happy.
Easy is not necessarily happy.
Think about what you do.  Which parts of your life add to your happiness?  Can you change the others?"

Then I would probably say "polypropolene", cos it's another fun word to say, and ruin any intentness that my speech may/may not have created.

So grab yourself some Fresh Horses, take a deep breath and go onwards doing things that add to your and other's happiness. 

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

*So, I don't have a job, but I work around the house.  Work doesn't, in itself make me happy, but the results of work, a good meal, an educated child who is healthy, these things make me happy.

And I have to link to this, cos it my earworm on repeat while writing this.
"When we sing,
just a breath away from my hand,
breaking into tiny pieces,
and we will not take a shot at you for flying"


  1. ahhhhh what a delightful post. x

  2. I love this: So, I don't have a job, but I work around the house. Work doesn't, in itself make me happy, but the results of work, a good meal, an educated child who is healthy, these things make me happy.

    1. Thanks! Took me a few years to get my head around that concept, but happy with it now.

  3. Great post! It's so nice to have a think about the things that make us happy, as tne other stuff can get in the way of that, sometimes. As for words I like to say? Abominable. Suuuuuch a cool word.

    1. Cool word!
      Abominable took me years to get the m and n in the right order. Which is why I tend to use the phrase Yeti over Abominable Snowman!

  4. I say flibbertygibbet, I had no idea it came from Laura Ingles Wilder....wanders off to find old episodes of Little House on the Prairie :)

    Lovely post, especially the last comment, I will investigate Sharon o Neil right after Little House on the Prarie

    1. It's more likely to be in the books, as I read them over and over and never watched a lot of television.
      I love Sharon O'Neill! A mixed tape I made got stuck in the car tape player while I was pregnant, so it wasn't a huge surprise when Princess's first singalong was to the chorus of "physical favours" (though she sang Feathers!)

  5. your post has made me think of my favourite words. Also the ones that I have to think about so that I pronuonce them correctly. Like phenomenon and jeronimo..xo

    1. LOL, Phenomeonomoeonomonomom... yeah, I get that one too. It always makes me think of this...

  6. Aurora borealis are two of my favorite words.

  7. I love your love for words! I love saying cool ones too. Omnipotence is good! My favourite word is 'mellifluous' - and it's got a great meaning too. Lovely post. x

    1. Melifluous, such a melodic and fluid word. Very onomatopoeiac! *Thanks to Magneto Bold Too for bringing this word back into everyday usage. ;-) *

  8. Are you from Adelaide? Was that you I saw in Rundle Mall spinning hoops under the shade sail on Friday afternoon?

    Some of my favourite words are serendipity, meandering, whimsy.

    1. Whimsy! So love the word whimsy. :-)
      Melbourne, here, River, though that is awesome that the hoops performers are out and about. There are some great Circus schools in your area.

  9. I so heart this post, your words and your reasons! I am quite suddenly at a loss for words describing how delighted I am by you. Thank you! xo

  10. Oh. Oh! i love this so very much. It's taking me a while to read all of these gorgeous posts, as I've been so sick. I love your words about your favourite words. Thank you, so much.