Sunday, 18 March 2012

"As she move like the Diva do, I said I love to Dance like you"

The Princess and I are going to the Cinema tonight!
Doesn't it sound exciting!  Oh, the images that come to mind immediately, the foyer with fancy carpeting, the smells of popcorn, big posters everywhere showing you a hint of the delights in store for you should you choose to purchase a ticket.  The thrill of getting your seat, the worry of having a very tall person sit in front of you and then, that moment.  The moment when the lights go down and you know you are about to be transferred to a magical world for a while.

One where you can laugh at things and know no one knows it is you laughing.
A world where you can cry, but leave the heartache behind in the cinema, walking out cleansed and refreshed.
A place of magic where you can become so absorbed in someone else you can forget yourself for an hour or two.

I love going to the cinema.

Especially our local cinema.  I know the prices, the parking, the toilets (very clean!) I have a favourite cinema (3 - big enough to overwhelm the senses, the seating is evenly set out so I don't have to deal with that feeling of imbalance I get in Cinema 4 and it's right next to the ladies.  Cos face it, I rarely make it all the way through a movie without at least one trip.)

Tonight, we are going to a gorgeous Art Deco cinema, which is playing my third favourite movie EVER, The Red Shoes.

I just had to run AFK as I remembered to pack tissues.  The Princess and I watch this every few years, as I did before she joined me, and sob our eyes out at the end.  Before that though...we will be uplifted to magical heights as she dances, agonise with her over her choices and wish, oh wish so much that we could dance like her.  With her Red Shoes on.

All this is wonderful.

I have massive anxiety getting to this cinema, an hours drive away, unfamiliar parking, all those things about going somewhere a little more challenging that are one reason I stay home a lot.  For incentive like seeing this 1948 movie on the big screen for the first time in my life, I am willing to try.  I may still fail.  I may get halfway there and too many things have gone wrong and my coping ability becomes overwhelmed and I head home. 
Trickey is brilliant for this.  Now that we have mobile phone, I can call him and sometimes, he has managed to talk me through it, bolster me and I have arrived and been able to enjoy the experience of whatever activity I was hoping to be involved in.

I really hope tonight, I make it.  I will cry.  Princess will cry.  I want that to be happening in the cinema!

Kate Bush loves this story too.  This is her take on it.  This is the song I want to perform to at Caberet.


  1. I hope your night at the movies was all you hoped. I love driving but I don't like the looking for a park.
    I have a friend who had 2 children. the little boy died at 3 yrs old when he was electrocuted under a house owned by Mt Isa mines many years ago. Her daughter died of breast cancer in her early thirties. My friend always asks her daughter to find her a park AND she always does.
    A terribly sad way to find a park.

    1. Our night out was more awesome than I had hoped for. Not only did we find a park easily, but the restored version of the movie, plus being on the big screen, absolutely took my breathe away. (literally. There were times during the ballet sequence when I realised I was holding my breath because I was so caught up in it.) I hurt quite a bit the next day (sitting and driving are bad for my back) but I don't care! SO WOW!
      That is truly tragic for your friend, she is living my worst nightmare, of losing my child. At least she feels her daughter is always close.