Saturday, 11 February 2012

Yah Yah's are growing up

From being in pain and tired and drained this morning, to being in pain and tired and EXCITED this afternoon.

Have I ever mentioned Circus is SO MUCH FUN!?

Our Yah Yah group is growing up.  (Not older,  we deny that.  All of us are 29.  Forever.)  Do you know what we have done this year that we have NEVER done before?

 We are choreographing, designing the theme, costuming and all around organising our own festival act.  WOW! 

Usually, the Yah Yah's (Young at Heart) only do the third term performance.  Usually our wonderful, talented and creative coach organises the whole act for us and we obediently learn it. 
We are branching out!

Taking on new responsibilities and creating our whole act (with some input from our adored coach, of course.  We can get a bit over the top and have ideas that simply don't work).  We may have based it on the 1970's Charlie's angels, complete with silly poses and a "speaker box" for Charlie.  Tacky is the word!

Preparing to perform IN PUBLIC, at a festival, instead of the nice "invite your family and friends" audience we Yah Yah's usually have.  With no young and uber talented person to hold the highlight for us.  *well, there will be one younger lady, from a different class, but on equal footing, rather than being the star, with us as fun support, to show people that any age can do circus*

It is so thrilling!  And mature and responsible!  (Not the act.  The act is ridiculous and fun)

What was I saying the other week?  That this was going to be the year of saying No, reducing my activities and relaxing more.  It almost made me cry when I had to turn down one friend's request for costume help, as I know I am already over-committed.  But this - this we will excel at, have a fabulous and silly time and hopefully make some people laugh.   

And it is my joy. :-)


  1. WOW! That's fantastic!! I look forward to reading how it all turns out!! Dare I say 'break a leg'??!!

  2. *giggles* Oh Red, while I think, with Circus being physical theatre, break a leg is appropriate, we had a run in 2010 where our leading man broke his heel... and then the wonderful "learnt the act in a week" replacement strained his ankle.
    Thanks. No matter what, it will be a learning experience.