Saturday, 18 February 2012

Whose words tempt me back to their blogs?

Whose words tempt me back to their blogs?
Day after day, week after week, I return to read, to keep following their journey.
To explore new ideas with them.
Sometimes, just because they feel like kindred spirits?

Eden's Meme for the Fresh Horses Brigade today is a thought provoking one.  Why do I love the blogs I love?

So, a personal fave is Our Great Southern Land.

This one is easy.  M'Lady Jayne is a real life friend and I've loved the way she expresses herself for years now.  The blog is a mix of history as interpreted by M'Lady,  humour and personal updates.   Good for a giggle and for an hour of indulgant educational link clicking.

Why was Magneto Bold Too's the first blog I stalked my way through the archive in a manner usually reserved for favourite webcomics?

Magneto Bold Too
Was it because she is straight to the point and expresses herself openly.
Is it because when I needed to swear and refused to do so, I could go read her words and let them say those naughty, naughty words for me.  Could all her talk of shoes have been a factor?
Kelley is an amazing woman, her blog is full of laughter, tears and really amusing links to very, very special craft items.

Surprisingly, considering I am writing this as part of Eden's Fresh Horses Brigade...

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade 

Edenland is another favourite blog.  Eden is painfully honest and it's nice to have someone say the things that my brain skirts around nervously.  You are awesome, Eden, a woman to look to for inspiration and regardless of what you do with dye, you have gorgeous hair.   Weird is the funnest way to be.
There are so many more blogs that are part of my preferred reading schedule...  
Erratic Mummy (fun with a retro groove),  
Martyrhood (so funny, so real, so miss her blogging)
Madam Bipolar  (getting the word out there about bipolar and depression).

Annnnnnd... while they don't post very often, and most of that happens in September, this is another favourite blog!  Melbourne Juggling Convention  and here, for the gallery of past MJC's.
 So, onward to check out your posts and maybe find some new and fascinating people!



  1. I love Madam Bipolar too - what an amazing woman. I haven't heard of Our Great Southern Land - looking forward to checking it out.

  2. I love Kelley, Eden, Romina and Sawhole/Madame Bipolar too, strong women who tell it like it is. Am off to check out your other faves. That's the beauty of this week's meme, an opportunity to discover new blogs! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  3. Madam Bipolar is a fave of mine as well.

  4. A few new ones here for me to check out, thanks

  5. I haven't read any of these except Eden. Looking forward to seeing what they are all about. Thanks!

  6. Oh Eccentricess you beautiful lady! Thank you for the lovely words - thank you for linking up, and the heads up on a few blogs I haven't heard of.