Thursday, 16 February 2012

The wheels on the bus (need new shock absorbers)

Trickey tried to have a conversation with me this morning.   I was so incoherent that he told me he'd drive Princess to the bus (and follow her bus to school - this must be freaking all the bus drivers out this week) because now he understands what I mean by "Not being awake yet". (only took twenty years!)

For someone who gets up at 5 am every morning, he has taken a long time to comprehend my morning zombiness.  I would have thought he went through it until the first coffee of the day as well.  Of course... no one tries to debate conspiracy theories with HIM at 5 am.  We are all sensibly asleep.

This week, my tiny and overprotected Princess has been catching the bus without me on it.

I drive behind the bus (not a stalker) (really) so she can get off at any point, should she feel the need, and to pick her up in case she doesn't get the stop right.  Learning the stops without pressure and panic (for Mama and Daughter!) is the point behind this overprotectiveness.
Seems to be working very well.

Except I could barely breathe from the energy it was taking to control the anxiety attack while following her the first time.

I am not very familiar with the bus system here, with what risks are involved for lovely young ladies travelling without their Mama.  This is the other reason I follow.
Should something happen I haven't prepared her for, she has an "expected reaction" of "get off the bus and Mama will pick you up and we will figure something out".  This was proposed by some friends as an alternative to "scream and panic". 
I won't be able to do this for too long (oh my aching back), but even a short while gives us a chance to find out if there are everyday dramas waiting to happen on the bus.

I had intended to go with her on the bus for the first month.  Lovely chance to understand the bus system, explore the new area, go for some walks after she had entered the school grounds, give myself some time to adapt to having a high schooler.
Thwarted!!  By poor shock absorbers!  The bus bounces along like it's suspension system is a made of coffee feed babies in Jolly Jumpers.  Even when it was stopped, it was still bouncing.  Sheer agony.

Still, the school must be pretty good for her, as she hasn't simply declared she is done now, thank you, and headed for home... like she did at kinder, painting classes and primary school.  So overall... Yey!

Edit: She missed her bus stop this morning and didn't even notice till Papa Trickey called her to let her know!


  1. I'm SURE not being a morning person is a recognised medical condition! If not, it SHOULD be!!! With you all the way on that one, girlfriend!

  2. OH!! that is such a good idea, I may have to try this myself! Independence with a safety net... I like it.