Thursday, 23 February 2012

TGIF... oh wait, it's still only Thurs

So exhausted.
Drained.  Running on the energy I can pull from the air.
So wishing it was already Sat afternoon and I could sleep the sleep of the "I got it all done in time".

I have been reading blogs this morning, intending to have a ball leaving comments and found myself not able to focus well enough to interpret all your lovely words.  Re-reading sentences and knowing all the words, but not able to comprehend, to use all the years of schooling to have become an image in my mind that I can understand.

Completely off track, when I read, I get pictures, like a movie in my head.  So does Trickey.  I assumed this was how things worked.  I have since met two authors who have told me they know the words and get no picture, no visualisation from the words.  They get the information.  Mind blowing! 
This is one of the author's, Stacey McCleary she is fascinating to listen to, you can hear her developing books in her conversation, she takes an idea and slowly it grows and becomes funnier and the image outlines become clearer. 

So why am I exhausted?
Other than my general ill health, which IS improving again, it is because the world is so exciting and I agree to do to many things because they sound fun or beneficial.

Taking the bus to school, or following it is the most exhausting thing.  It seems so simple but I end up at home limp and sad and on the phone cancelling visits to a friend I miss dearly so I can lie on the couch and contemplate my navel until I feel human enough to... get back into the car and go pick her up.

I went out in the sun.  Not for long and only tiny sunburn, but it was enough to send me into a semi coma.  It was for a good cause, though, and part of the other reason for my exhaustion.  That is...

Knox Fest!!!
Our first Yah Yah performance and we have designed most of it ourselves!  I have had one circus lady over to learn and practice the staff routine and visited another in her sunny backyard and we have perfected our staff routine and it is SO MUCH FUN!  The concept and costumes are well under way, but have to be finished by Sat morning for our final run through and to get approval from the coach to do the act (terrifying!) but I still have a lot of sewing to do - and tiny bits of time!  (what's that you say?  I should get off the computer and sew?  I was doing that before I got online... oh you're right, I'll finish this up and get going.)

Last night's hoop class, in the heat, with our amazing new teacher who is so clever and so brilliant at explaining how to improve my hooping technique was so exhausting.  But SO MUCH FUN!

I so love circus.

I will go sew and get the girl to school and go to medical appointments and visit my friend whom I cancelled on yesterday, take some hand sewing, go pick up the girl, get her friend, go to D&D, come home and sew some more. 

I feel much happier and more energised after writing this!  Like rubbing it in my face how much fun I am having and to ignore the exhaustion and pain.  Oy, you writing at the top of this post, It Gets Better!

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  1. Well ... the comments you've been leaving on my blog are GREAT!!!

    And blogging cures a multitude of ills ... Hope you're even better now, and having a great (non-travelling) weekend!!